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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Thing about Facebook Contests...

Tahu tak apa yang aku menyampah?

Those VOTE FOR game kat FB. I mean, come onnnnnn. Most of the time the winners of those thing tak worth the win langsung and they win it just because they got more friends. It's like AF on your computer! That's why I never join the contest even if I want the prizes so so much. Dude, I can never win those things. I mean, I have friends but we are all a bunch of people-who-don't-care. Hahaha.

I mean, last time Masni take a beauuuutiful meaningful picture for a contest for IKEA. The contest was to send a picture with IKEA magazine on it. Masni took a picture of her reading the magazine with clutters of mess behind her, signifying of how she needs IKEA to de-clutter. And guess who won it? Some lady (or a dude, I can't really remember) who just paste a picture of the IKEA icon on a picture of a Christmas tree or something (Seriously, it was not great I can't remember), and not very elegantly. The person won just because she had more votes.

Sekarang my dear friend Swee Wei may lose her quest to get into Rain's pants (hahahaha, I was just making that up) because some other chick got more acquaintance. I mean, Swee even forgot to watch Merong Mahawangsa for free just so she can make that umbrella thingy whatever. For free!!!! (okay, I should not exaggerate the free part, we always get to watch a movie for free. Freelance reviewer bonus. What up.)

So it makes me think, sometimes when you have the majority at hand, you kinda win anything just like that. Sometimes, even things that has no quality at all. It's the question between quality and majority. I mean, how many of us listens to Rachael Yamagata and how many fans Britney Spears have? Quality versus Quantity. How many of us watch Liew Seng Tat's "Flower in the Pocket" and how many of us watch Ahmad Idham's "Adnan Sempit"? Quality versus Quantity. How many of us read Children of the Corn and many of us watch Children of the Corn? Quality versus Quantity (serrriously, the movie is so bad and yet so loved. I have no idea why).

Why is it so difficult to find quality and quantity that goes together? Like "Pulp Fiction", or Johnny Depp (except for his Jack Sparrow. Come on man. Three is enough). Or a piece of cake from Secret Recipe?

You know one thing though.... I would like a Quality man that not many women are chasing after. Nope. I don't want Quantity in his resume unless it means the money in the bank and the knowledge in his mind, thank you.


Ms. M said...

haha! nicely said.
tapi to think about the prize of winning those IKEA thing -- customised front page ikea magazine cover with your face on it -- i mean, hey, i can do the cover on my own without even trying to participate in any competition..bodoh betul sebab tak terfikir dulu.haha!

Shai Kamarudin said...

hahaha... yeah, u can do better anyway. Ikea Shmikea...
Oh, Swee Wei won the Meet Rain in Person contest by the way. Finally, after the whole frenzy.

nad said...

aku plg suka ayat ni :
I have friends but we are all a bunch of people-who-don't-care.

hahahhhaa :p so true

Shai Kamarudin said...

hahaha kite mmg sekumpulan manusia yg don't-care. :P