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Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Most Annoying...

3 Female Movie Characters yang aku rasa menyemak
i. Megan Fox as what's-her-ass in TRANFORMERS
- I mean, what do I care about a tough chick who paints tattooes on bikes by showing her ass to the camera, eyh?
ii. Gemma Arterton as Tamina in PRINCE OF PERSIA and Io in CLASH OF THE TITANS
- Can you tell me how many annoying pretentiously independent role is she going to take? She is the only thing that tainted PoP and the ultimate menyemak-ness in CotT
iii. Kirsten Dunst as MJ in SPIDERMAN
- How screwed a girl can be if she is captured by three different villains altogether? Is there a mark on her head that says "I AM SHRILLY AND ANNOYING, PLEASE KIDNAP ME"?

3 Most Annoying Food I Have Ever Tasted
i. Spaghetti with Cream Sauce at ICEROOM
- Oh my God. Imagine eating dry spaghetti with that overly thick Campbell's Mushroom Soup with slices of chicken meat. Yes. It feels like eating Slimer in your mouth.
ii. Nasi Goreng Kerabu at RESTORAN PAK MAL
Restoran Pak Mal has the weirdest level of food competency. One day you have all great savoury food, come next day, all of them taste like shit. Nasi kerabu Pak Mal yesterday was extremely berderai, keras and feels like chicken food.
iii. The Most Expensive on the Menu at Kedai Kopi Taman Tasik Shah Alam
It's a spaghetti thingy that can't even stick to your fork. It is so wet that I felt like eating a lubricated noodle.

3 Most Annoying Thing That Can Happen on a Sunday
i. The sound of people mowing lawn
- Why do you even pay people to mow your lawn on a Sunday morning? Can't you ask them to do it on weekdays when they kinda walk around hoping someone would pay them to?
ii. The sound of the reporters on MELODI/DIVA/GALAKSI
- Especially when they ask dumb questions like, "Bila nak berlakon semula?" to a thespian who has quit her acting career to pursue religion. Are you dumb, or are you dumb?
iii. The sound of hammer knocking on the wall
- We used to have this rule where if a neighbour wants to make a noise rearranging stuff or putting stuff on the wall, they should notify and apologise to the other neighbours beforehand. Neighbours nowadays are so lazy to do that. Look, since you don't like to notify us all the noise you're making, I am not gonna notify you when I want to go grunge on my guitar. Deal?

3 Most Annoying Thing on TV
i. Kejora dan Bintang
- They should call it "Janet dan Hanifah" instead, because I think for the most part, they have shown more scenes with the two villains than the titular characters.
ii. Akademi Fantasia
They say stop while you are loved. AF should have stopped when they were on Season 5. If you wanna show some dudes and dudettes singing like they're in a karaoke, please spare us all.
iii. Celebrity Gossips show
We have MELODI, then DIVA, then GALAKSI, then FUHH. How many celebs we have in Malaysia again? Can't you just create one channel for them all and just put everything there like E! did? Then I don't have to bukak channel and tengok cerita Jimmy Shanley yang sama.

Oh by the way, tak elok berbuat aniaya terhadap anak yatim. Bini Jimmy Shanley, suami anda anak yatim piatu, silalah jangan aniaya dia, okay? Do you know how many girls wanted to marry that dude?


nad said...

sangattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt setuju..speshly the first 3..hadoihh

Shai Kamarudin said...

itula kali terakhir aku akan makan spagheti with cream. yucks.