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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday with the kids

Thank you Fatimah Abdul Mutalib for pickin me up and drive pi Presint 10. You have waited for me to finish my meeting in PWTC even though Tina and Arep were already hungry to the point of oblivion
Thank you Nadiah Azharuddin for the pizza and for turning your house as the location for my birthday celebration. This is the second time you've done that. The first was in 2001 when you were still living in Subang Jaya
Thank you Munira Azman for baking the best thing that comes from my two most favourite thing - strawberry and chocolate and turning it into such a delicacy
Thank you Nurul Dinie Ahmad for being there and always being there whenever I am stressed and needed to go do crazy things like the beach at 5am
Thank you Muhamad Elyas Harun for the lovely pictures
Thank you lil Adam and lil Naurah for singing happy birthday to me and tiup the "invisible" candle

(*oyh, I don't look nice at all in video cameras.)
not feeling well today. sore throat. i blame it on the rain, the ice-blended chocolate I drank and the Tutti Frutti froyo I ate. dat's why agak cranky hari ini.

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