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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That Profession Everybody Wants but Nobody Understands...

A lot of time, I get emails from people.

No, not asking about writing - where I get ideas or how to develop a plot. Not those stuff. What I mean is people who are not my book readers.

Sometimes I get emails from people asking me about freelancing jobs. How to do it. Mostly in the lines of "It sounds so much fun, working from home and not needing to hear any bullshit from the boss or co-workers."

Yeah, that's the plus side. But I never recommend this kind of job to people. Not because I don't want to share it. But more or less because you're not equipped for it.

I'm not saying that I'm the freelancer extraordinaire. But I have two advantages. First, I am a novelist. It doesn't matter if I'm not a bestselling writer and the royalties aren't that great. I know for a fact, no matter how bad it goes, at least there will be (at least RM150) in the bank account every three months. At least. Does that help me with any bills? No. But anything is better than 0, right? Secondly, I don't spend. I seldom go out. I have no usual fetishes with shoes or clothes or handbags. Yes, I do have to chalk out money for all the bills, give my parents some and at times pay for the family car, but I don't have additional needs. Yes, I only have two pair of shoes. That is because I don't have to go out and also because I find buying shoes a waste of my time. Whether I have money or not, shoes are a waste to me - the time spent looking for one that gives you comfort, the perfect size and the perfect price. I would love it if everybody walks barefooted. The world would be much more beautiful, then.

But I don't encourage everybody to do what I do. Why?

a) It's not a certainty

Well yeah, you argue that even permanent jobs are not a certainty. But you know every month you will be paid the same amount. I have to live a life not knowing whether this month I will get RM3K or no K at all. I can't spend in any way that I like because I'm not sure whether next month they will tell me that they don't need a freelancer anymore. If a company is thinking about cutting cost, who do you think are going to be the first ones to go? Us freelancers, man.

b) Every day is a holiday. Yes. BUT, every day is also working day

A normal human being should have that separation of work and play. They go to an office, they work. They return home, they forget about work and they rest. They take holidays and use it without any worries, knowing that they earned it. Freelancers work where they live. The sofa is my home, my office, my work chair and my bed. I can't tell you how long since I slept in my room, on my bed with a proper pillow. Every single day, the couch becomes my everything. I am an official couch potato, but not in the usual sense of the word. Holiday is the day when there is no work at all for me to do, which means holiday is the day without money. While people relaxes on holiday, work is looming at the back of my head.

c) You can't help but becoming a workaholic

Because work means money. And since I am living in the wealthy country called Malaysia where you have to pay more than a hundred for a good WIFI reception and the cheapest paling cikai local car price is equivalent to my parent's double-storey terrace house price in the 80s (yes, our old house is only around RM30k), you think nothing else but how to get more money. Not for the additional things (I bought a second hand NOKIA phone and have only two pairs of shoes. I am thrifty at best), but for the basic necessities. I went to GIANT recently to buy the basic food source for a week and all of it cost me RM259. To save cost, we all live under one roof, but living together in a house caused the electricity bill (bless you, gracious TNB =_=) of RM500 above per month. And don't let me start on the other things: water bills, ASTRO, internet, bil pembentung - nak berak kat rumah sendiri pun kena bayar, cukai pintu, cukai pendapatan, car insurance, petrol, road tax, car service. Hey, and I am still single. It's not a life for a freelancer.

d) You think you will travel the world and do things because you're not tied to an office, but you will end up getting more and more antisocial

Freelance work is not office work. That you have to understand. It doesn't come when you want it to come. It doesn't start at 9am and ends at 6pm. Sometimes it comes at 3am and will not end until 5pm the next day. You're not paid by the month, you're paid by your work. It means that whether you want to or not, you have to do it. Your time management is all over the place and you will never be free when others are. You can't go to your friend's birthday party because of work. You can't go to the camping trip because work came in the last hour. You have to cancel your gym schedule because you have to finish something by 7pm. You think you can bring your work to play, but then you realised that nobody can work while others play, so you end up telling friends you can't do it and they think you're making up excuses just so you don't have to be in a social event. At first, that was your reason, but as time goes by, it became your excuse because you no longer understand how the society works. Your time frame and theirs gets more different every single day.

e) Marriage becomes the last thing on your mind

Because there are so many things to do and you don't have time to be introduced, to know someone and go out with them, to think whether he's a good catch or not, to even take time to realise whether your heart is lonely or not or if you even have a heart at all.  

Build a business, work in an office, do anything you want. But for your sake and mine, don't make my profession your ambition.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Novel yang romantik danyang seram itu... yang bakal keluar itu...

Soalan paling banyak ditanyakan tahun ini berbunyi: "Kak Shai, tak ada novel baru ke tahun ni?"

Maafkan ai, sayang. Nampaknya tahun ni tahun ai honeymoon. Ahahaha. Sebenarnya ada manuskrip yang dah dihantar akhir tahun lepas. Tapi disebabkan ada banyak manuskrip baru yang masuk GBK tahun ni dan Buku Prima nak bagi peluang pada novelis2 baru yang dah lama hantar manuskrip diorang, so manuskrip ai pun kenalah akur pada giliran.

Tapi lepas bertanya pada editor TeenPRIMA Puan Nine yang ohsem dan mendapat confirmation dari Zara Amani dan Liza Nur bahawasanya Encik Ali dah buat decision, haruslah saya umumkan di sini, novel saya keluar tahun depan. Dua buah, yaw. Tahun ni tak ada kan? Ha, tahun depan ai keluar sampai dua. Satu porjek trio wuth Liza Nur dan Zara Amani, satu lagi projek buku seram pertama. Kenapa buku seram? Sebab apa point belajar kat asrama selama lima tahun dan mengalami macam-macam kalau tak dijadikan keuntungan di era kedewasaan? Ahahah.

So, sebab tak boleh nak reveal banyak-banyak, I will reveal that projek trio adalah projek saya dan Liza/Zara  yang menampilkan tiga cerita with our own flavour. Jika anda pernah baca buku saya, Liza Nur dan Zara Amani, you will realise that kami bertiga mempunyai taste yang berbeza-beza dan style yang tak sama langsung. Jadi, all the more reason to buy it? Maybe.

Meanwhile, buku seram pertama saya ituh akan menampilkan stories yang aku alami, yang kawan2 sekolah aku alami dan juga cerita2 yang selama ni you may have heard or you have heard many variations of it. I have decided, I will compile all of it and make it one huge book of hostel horror stories. Kalau berjaya, saya akan sambung part two. Kalau tak, oh well.... life goes on.

Anyways... FREE EXCERPT!

Kata Wulan, “Kalau saya pilih menu tu, side dishes yang saya akan pilih ialah Garden Pasta Salad,”
“Hmmm... sedap tu.”
“...Mac’n Cheese,”
“Good choice.”
“...dan pilihan sama ada Garlic Potato atau Whipped Potato. Mufin pulak saya pilih mufin vanila.” Sambung Wulan.
“Oh, carbs banyak tu. Pasta salad dah cukup okay. Macaroni and cheese tu lengkapkan karbohidrat tapi kalau ambil potato tu awak dah menambahkan kandungan karbohidrat.” Ujar Neal.
“Carb? What are you? A health-freak wimp? Saya makan apa yang saya nak.” Ujar Wulan.
“Wu, biar saya beritahu. Hidangan sampingan Quarter Meal Kenny Rogers adalah seperti seorang wanita yang sempurna.”
“Kenapa setiap tajuk akan sampai ke topik ni?” tanya Wulan, sekalipun Neal tidak mempedulikan nada sarkastiknya itu.
“Bayangkan ayam tu adalah wanita.”
“Nope, saya tak nak bayangkan.”
“Garden Pasta Salad umpama fikirannya yang bijak. Mac and Cheese adalah tahap sensualitinya,”
“Terima kasih kerana baru saja mengotorkan imejan macaroni dan cheese dalam minda saya.”
“..dan untuk melengkapkan wanita tu, dia perlu menjadi seorang yang manis. Jadi hidangan ketiga yang awak kena pilih untuk melengkapkan hidangan sampingan tu ialah buah-buahan. Maka hidangan tu akan jadi lebih berkhasiat. Sebab tu sebagai seorang wanita, awak dah hampir lengkap. Tapi yang merosakkan perfection awak tu adalah kerana awak pilih garlic potato dan bukan buah-buahan. Instead of being a sweet girl, you became sarcastic.”


Soalan demi soalan bermain di benaknya. Namun satu pun tidak terjawab. Dalam dia memikirkan semua persoalan itu, sedar tidak sedar Haza telah pun tertidur. 
Namun tidur yang diharapkan itu tidak lama. Sekalipun mimpinya terasa panjang, namun tidak sampai sejam selepas dia melelapkan mata, Haza terjaga apabila terdengar sesuatu.
Bunyinya seperti katil berkeriut. 
Bunyinya seperti seseorang sedang duduk di atas katil sambil menggoyangkan kaki.
Krek... krek... krek...
Haza membuat keputusan untuk melelapkan matanya semula apabila dia teringat sesuatu.
Bunyi itu bukan bunyi katil berkeriut. 
Dia pernah terdengar bunyi itu. 
Lebih tiga jam sebelum itu. Di belakang blok B ketika dia sedang menyambut hari jadinya bersama Ema dan Sha.
Krek... krek... krek... 
Seperti ia akan roboh tidak lama lagi.
Sebaik sahaja dia terfikirkannya di dalam otak, jantung Haza kembali berdegup kencang. Begitu kencang sehingga dia terasa seolah-olah degupan itu bergema di seluruh bilik yang sunyi itu. Lantas dia menyentuh dadanya, seolah-olah dengan cara itu jantungnya akan berhenti berdegup dengan begitu kuat.
Krek... krek... krek...
Berbanding dengan Ema dan Sha yang tidur sebelah-menyebelah di bahagian tengah, katil Haza terletak berjauhan dari mereka berdua. Katilnya terletak di sebelah pintu. Oleh sebab yang demikian, dia boleh mendengar bunyi basikal itu dikayuh perlahan-lahan di koridor sehingga ia berhenti di depan pintu.
Tolonglah jangan masuk! Bentak Haza dalam hati.
Dia menyelubungi seluruh tubuhnya dengan selimut dalam ketakutan.
Namun beberapa minit selepas itu, tiada bunyi yang kedengaran. Tiada bunyi pintu cuba dibuka atau bunyi tapak kaki masuk ke dalam bilik. Dia tidak pasti sama ada logik untuk hantu tidak memasuki bilik kerana pintu dipalang atau sememangnya nenek tua itu hanya mahu menakutkannya setakat itu sahaja.
Perlahan-lahan Haza menyingkap selimutnya. Tidak banyak, sekadar cukup untuk dia melihat ke luar. 

copied from

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty Ugly

Dah lama aku tak dengar isu cantik atau tak sebab dah lama aku bolayan subjek tu. But two days ago, member aku tanya pasal isu tu.

Isu apa?
If the world rate you on your looks.

To some extent, yes. Because as much as pretty people hate it when we said, "Kau cantik, senang dapat apa-apa," it still is true. Aku dah selalu berada di keliling ramai pompuan cantik dan tengok lelaki buat keje2 bangang untuk tarik perhatian diorang. Ada sorang tu siap tak belajar dan serenade member aku dengan gitar thru phone walhal esok ada exam penting, tak ke bangang?

But suatu masa dulu, sebagai perempuan biasa yang tak membuatkan orang lelaki menoleh untuk kali kedua bila ternampak aku, mungkin aku mudah terkesan bila dibanding-bandingkan dengan kawan yang lebih cantik. Itu dulu. Sekarang ni, it doesn't matter to me. Being a writer really made the difference sebab kalau kau cantik macam angel tapi tulisan kau crap, kau masih dianggap writer yang crap. Kalau kau engineer yang cantik, mungkin engineer lain masih layankan kau walaupun kau crap. Kalau kau cikgu yang cantik, bebudak lelaki masih suka nak ngorat2 kau walaupun ko ajar entah apa-apa. Tapi kau tetap tak boleh menjadi penulis kalau kau tak ada bakat. Sebab buku tak menipu. Buku tak visualise wajah kau tapi apa yang kau fikir.

But anyway. Aku ada sebuah kisah yang berlaku masa aku di sekolah menengah dulu. Kisah ni aku jadikan aku punya "Text book sedar diri". Sebab setiap kali aku cam terasa nak berlagak atau memperkotak-katikkan orang lain, atau perasan diri "the great writer" and all that shit, aku akan ingat semula apa yang berlaku kat sekolah menengah dulu untuk sedar diri. Aku ingat dulu, ada orang beritahu aku yang Allahyarham Ustaz Asri RABBANI pernah kata setiap kali dia rasa proud atau berlagak, dia akan cuci toilet - reminding himself yang sehebat mana pun dia, dia masih kena cuci taik sendiri (sth like that la, aku paraphrasing je ni).

Ini kira aku punya version of cuci toilet.

Masa aku tingkatan empat, (or senang kata masa aku sekolah menengah), aku budak perempuan yang tak ada apa-apa. Kurus kedengking tahap papan, kulit gelap yang dienhance kegelapannya disebabkan selalu kena berjemur, sarkastik, dan mempunyai sense of fashion yang sungguhla tepape (tudung keras, selekup tebal, baju gedebeh, seluar gedebeh, kasut second hand). Aku bukan macam Pa'ah yang cute, ramah dan likeable. Aku bukan macam Ismah yang cantik. Aku bukan macam Masitah yang have that boyish charm. Aku cukup skema untuk ikut peraturan dan enjoy being the wallflower yang tak ada sesiapa nampak atau peduli bila diorang lalu.

Anyway, penerangan kat atas ni tak membawa kepada kisah dramatik apa pun untuk cerita yang seterusnya. Aku cuma nak kata, aku sedar aku bukan sesiapa. Aku dah accept sejak usia tu lagi yang aku tak akan jadi someone yang diingati kerana rupanya. Tapi it's different when we realise it ourselves, than having people tell it to us. So aku agak terkejut that particular day. Aku tengah on the way nak pergi kantin. Masa tu waktu co-cu. I just got a new pair of shoes dari makcik aku, berwarna coklat. Cantik. Import dari US. Tengah berjalan ke kantin tu tetiba ada budak laki sorang ni yang cakap,

"Cantik kasut."
Aku senyum jela. Aku tak tau nama budak tu. Tapi aku tahu dia budak junior form three.
Then dia sambung.
"Sayangnya, tuan empunya kasut pulak buruk."

Macam PANGGGG satu kat muka. Sapa mangkuk sial ni, yang aku tak tahu pun namanya, tetibe je buat statement maha dahsyat, the cruellest thing you can ever say to a girl. I mean, even pada waktu di mana aku sedar aku memang bukan minah yang cantik pon, that hurts. Masa tu rasa macam nak menangis kot.

And then masuk UIA pulak, menggemuk dengan jayanya sampai orang kata "Shai, gemuknya kau!" Pastu berkawan baik pulak dengan Iza dan Chaq yang memang jadi rebutan ramai. Kalau nak kira penurunan self-esteem ikut statistik, memang dah menjunam tembus melebihi graf horizontal.

But that was then. This is now. Sekarang bila teringat semula, aku rasa bagus jugak ada orang tak berperi kemanusiaan cakap macam tu kat aku. At least, statement tu TAK menjadikan aku spesis wanita yang rasa terover best sangat bila dipikat. Statement tu jugak aku jadikan the official statement that makes Shai sedar diri. I mean, kadang-kadang bila rasa terlebih bangga bila orang puji hasil kerja aku, atau excited bila orang puji gamba yang sebenarnya dienhance sikit oleh mekap (dengan the right mekap, keldai juga boleh jadi Miss World), aku cuma perlu ingat bahawasanya aku adalah that girl - the girl yang suatu masa dulu kasutnya lebih cantik dari mukanya. Ahahaha.

What I'm saying right now is, Tuhan tak jadikan orang tu untuk diukur dari sudut rupa parasnya. "Allah tu indah dan suka yang indah" tak refer to rupa paras orang. Cantik padaNya means akhlak, budi, iman, taqwa seseorang tu. Kalau orang tu solatnya cukup, tutur katanya lemah lembut, tak menilai orang lain, sedar kekurangan diri, tak sarcastic (sbb tu aku blom bleh masuk list ni. hahaha), cuba menjadi manusia yang terbaik, itulah yang paling indah. Kalau ada sepuluh orang lelaki kejar kau tapi Allah tak pandang kau sikit pun, apa pun tak guna.

So to all of my friends, adik2 yang rasa low self-esteem sebab rupa paras, ingatlah seperti yang dikatakan oleh Encik Saharil of, "Jenazah perempuan cantik yang dikafankan dan dilihat dari jauh, nampak macam ulat." Jenazah pompuan tak cantik pun akan nampak macam ulat. Semua jenazah yang dikafankan dari jauh nampak macam ulat regardless dulu ko Miss Universe atau Betty La Fea pre-makeover. A time will come when looks tak memainkan peranan apa-apa pun dalam kehidupan anda. So, jangan salahkan fortune orang yang cantik atau kutuk diorang sebab diorang cantik. Ff you're not pretty, be happy, be proud and find your skill, find the thing that will increase your confidence and make you feel beautiful. I've found mine.

Of course, memang added bonus la kalau ko cantik. But don't make it your only virtue.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things I Like, Part 2

Perasan tak, I kept making etries with the word "Part 1" tapi tak muncul2 "Part 2"? Ha, kali ini aku memunculikan inyenye (bak kata Ah Cai).

I went to SHS' website whenever I feel bored. Banyak interesting thing there. Tapi this one yang paling attract attention aku. Interprete la sesuka hati korang ttg gambarajah berikut (gambarajah?), aku ada interpretation sendiri. Cukup.

"Mak, mak! Apa duit kertas buat dalam gambar ni?"

Agak terasa kena kat batang hidung jugak sebab arituh tak jumpa parking untuk masuk masjid untuk terawikh, aku dengan member2 pegi shopping kat Alam Sentral. In my defense, takde diskaun arituh. Kitorang just pegi sebab masjid penuh. Macam agak bengong jugak. Tapi itu jela sekali kebengongan tu.

Ahaha aku tatau la sape yang emosi sangat buat mende nih. Tapi aku memang tak setuju boleh bawak henpon pi sekolah. Baaaaanyak cantik. Here's an idea. A yellow boxy steel thing yang makan duit kau, dan susah nak jolok amik duit baki. Namanya "phone booth awal tahun 90-an."

Ahahaha memang kelakar. I'm not sure that screen cap dari filem apa. Padaiyappa I suppose kalau ada Vadivelu there. But then again, Vadivelu is everywhere! Aha.

Lawak loghat Negeri. Always funny in my book.

Aku bukan suka benda ni. Aku rasa ayat ni cheesy. Aku cuma letak sini untuk point out kesilapan translation ("Translating Nazi" in the hauuuus). In english, it's something like, friends are like seesaws, when they're not there, I'm down atau when I'm down, they will jump on the other seat and you're up again... something like that. "Down" in this sense bukan "bawah" tapi "rasa sedih" atau "rasa murung" atau "rasa kekosongan". Don't translate it if you can't and this is not the kind of wordplay you can do both in malay dan english. Dah la salah translate, takde maksud plak tu and it's all over the place on FB. It annoys the shit out of me. 

Happens all the time.

Yup. They do. This, my friend is the art of paraprosdokia. Seni penulisan kreatif/humor yang aku paling suka dalam dunia dan I wish to master it, like the masters, such as comedian Jay London and Jimmy Carr. Google it if you don't know. Aku malas nak explain.

Walaupun dari 9Gag (and maybe actually from 4chan or entah mana lagi), I actually saw this on Nad punya FB. Aku tengah makan biskut raya masa baca ni. Terus tersembur. I'm a beautiful monkey, yo! Sing the beautiful monkey song! U-u... A-a-a...!

Aku tak ingat sangat apa maksudnya, tapi something like alangkah sedihnya bila orang lain sibuk membuat keajaiban, tapi kita sibuk mencari keajaiban di atas telur dan tembikai. 
Memang sangat betul sebab inilah dilema orang Islam zaman sekarang. Kita terus banggakan zaman kegemilangan dulu, kita asyik sibuk sebar tentang konspirasi tanpa berbuat apa-apa dan kita sibuk highlight-kan penemuan2 miracle. Tak salah, tapi agak memalukan bila orang lain bergerak ke depan dgn all the gadgetry, all the state of the art things, meanwhile, kita masih lamenting on the days of old, the days of Ibnu Sina dan Ibnu Rusyd. Ini cam peringatan untuk aku jugak. 

I have been thinking about this for quite a while, sebab memang sesetengah fesyen tudung tu (aku pun penah buat) memang menyerupai rambut, atau memberikan bayangan rambut. Aku tak kata salah untuk bergaya, tapi kalau dah sampai tahap tudung yang buat orang lain mengumpat tu (turban la bagai siap ada tiara kat belah atas dan berjumbai2 kat dahi), memang sah2 la salah. Bukan nak mengharamkan itu dan ini, cuma berpatut2 la sikit dalam apa pun. Meh saling mengingat!

I think I'm a dork more than anything. I'm a Dorky McDorkerson!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once upon a teh-segan

Once upon a time in 2004, ketika aku masih belajar di UIA, aku telah memulakan sebuah blog. Aku belum lagi jadi seorang novelis but I was eager to let people know what I think... that is, IF there are readers at all. But at the time, readers were not important. Apa yang penting ialah getting your words across.

Aku registered masuk blogdrive (it was the first link in yahoo at that time). And I called it teh-segan. Why? Same ol same ol. Dalam bahasa arab, Shai means "Teh" dan Shy in English means "Malu", but I preferred the word Segan rather than Malu.

Aku rasa aku tak pernah berhenti menulis dalam teh-segan sejak 2004. Ada banyak benda dalam tu yang menampakkan perubahan cara aku berfikir all these years, more than any pictures can tell. There was the time when I was so into Jay Chou. There was a time when I was so critical about politics. There was also the time when I can't get over how much I hate Yasmin Hani (tak benci dah. It was a temporary thing), Erra Fazira (tak benci dah. Also a temporary thing) and Dr. Fazley (I still find him annoying, but whatever). There was that time when I wrote about how my bestfriend (Iza) punya stalker suka stalk aku sekali, yang memberikan aku idea bahawa it is quite annoying being a pretty girl's fat sidekick and make me understand why sidekicks always ada low self-esteem dan sangat sensitive terhadap people's comments. There was also that time when I was in a rut tak dapat kerja, the time when I think that Michael Scofield is the best man ever exist on TV, the time when Mr Darcy is the best man ever exist in literature and when I started to gain readership, and was known as "that sarcastic blogger". 

Teh-segan jugak memperkenalkan aku pada my two blogger-buddies - Masni dan Jis. 

It was also filled with my day-to-day activities when I was working in CO - the stars and celebrities I met, how I think of them (to which my bosses made me delete it...... ahahaha) and what I think of my colleagues. It was filled with all the praise I have for the workplace, all the stupidity that made me leave it and all the reasons why I still freelance for it. It also filled with every dreams, every one of them yang berjaya aku tunaikan (ada degree dalam Polsc, jadi novelis, kerja bebas, jumpa orang yang aku nak jumpa, cam Mamat Khalid dan Mustapha Maarof... yeah, I do think that he was the shizzz in BAWANG PUTIH BAWANG MERAH... ahaha)... ia juga filled with semua benda yang crushed me to a point where I can't breathe, bisnes yang lingkup, heartbreaks, pekerjaan dalam bidang Polsc yang tak berjaya didapati.

Aku berhenti menulis dalam teh-segan awal tahun ni. Our lawyer told us that they wanted to get on with suing the defendant, so I decided that I will not let us lose the case just for some stupid angry things that I might have written here and there on the blog. So aku tutup blog tu buat sementara waktu, dengan niat that as soon as the case concluded, aku akan bukak semula.

Tapi kes tu dah conclude Julai lepas. 
Masni, yang aku kenal masa dia masih belajar, dah jadi lecturer dan dah ada MA.
Jis, yang aku kenal masa dia masih di MMU dah pun jadi PTD dan in a relationship.
Sesetengah link blog yang ada kat teh-segan dah pun berubah dan dah ditutup oleh ownernya.
Nuffnang dah lama stop counting visitors coming.
Visitors pun dah lama beralih ke blog ini. Yang tak tau kewujudan blog ni pulak dah lama jumpa hobi lain dan berhenti interested in reading strangers' blogs.
Aku bukan lagi pompuan sarcastic yang ada opinion about every single brouhaha in the world, cusses like nobody's business atau perempuan yang can take another legal suit for things she said/wrote. Things yang betul-betul private dah jadi betul-betul private, not private 'sikit je' for people to know. 

Tahun depan aku dah 30 tahun. I dun wanna be the same person I was when I was 23. I am not the same person as her, anyway. 

So, like I always said in teh-segan.... toodles!

Reminder: nurulsyahida-thewriter will be the only blog yang NS ada. Any other blogs menggunakan nama NS atau nama novel2 NS bukan milik NS.