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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ole La Carnivale

Yeahhhh... ignore my past entry. I was under stressed mode after the 15th time repeating the same thing to people asking where the hell is my book. Yes, when you have exceeded not just deadline but also have hundreds of pages to go in the midst of bosses not yet paid you and jobs not coming in, you will snap.

But anyways.

After the entry, I have found a way to tell people how to find my book. It's called:

"Mencari novel"
Yeah, it's not really much of a title. Hahaha. But I realised readers are keen on sharing the location of the book. So the next time you can't find a novel, you can just shout at Facebook "I AM LOOKING FOR PLAIN JANE" or "SAYA MENCARI SOALNYA HATI" and we will locate them together. It is better if we do it more precise, like "SAYA MENCARI SOALNYA HATI DI SHAH ALAM" atau "I AM LOOKING FOR AKU KAN NOVELIS DI AREA WANGSA MAJU".

And if I get an info where to find it, I will tell you guys too.

But for now:

You can find all of my books, and also other writers' book here. Lotsa thing happenin at the Karnival. Last year I bought one whole grilled chicken and Nad took a pic with her family at the photography booth. 

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