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Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 - in an epic proportion (Partos Uno)

Friends asked me why I haven't written an entry/summary of my 2010 experience or even one on resolutions.

a) I don't have any resolution. I have resoluted, no I have resolved, no, determinedddd that I will not make any of those dumb dumb things. If I have had any in the past years or so, that was me being romantic. We got past that already.

b) Do you really want to hear about my 2010? 2010 was the worst year of my life. Hands down. Except for those moments after my KK trip, the whole of it was a fiesta de la destruccion. Oyh. It starts with:

i. Finding out that the franchisor got no license. Ironically, I got the Houston-we-got-a-problem thing AFTER I quit from my freelancing work with CO. That was the moment I realised that God has a sense of humour.

ii. The domino effect that came after. Okay let's put it the way my good friend Ismah did:

It starts with "Dude, which part of we're not in any way associated anymore do you not understand" event. It was friggin mind blowing. I mean, I can't have a... how do you put it in words... 'an unmutual understanding of acquaintanceship' at the same time when I have a business issue. You can't make me have both personal and career dilemma all at the same time. It was nonsense. And having friends who keep telling you stuff you don't want to know is another thing. I mean why would I want to hear about other people's girlfriend now, when I have a T-Rex-size of a business problem that involves RM80,000 going down the drain in my head?  I had no where to turn to except back to the One. Only He knows how much tears I have shed and of how many times I asked Him to give me amnesia. Hahaha (it was not funny then).

Agent called and asked when we'll be paying our rent. Oh you know, the rent for those two lots we should be using for our kindergarten? Yeah, the RM1800 a month times two. It was the start of a beautiful hostile relationship between me and my cellphone. I had to scrape of RM3600 from my own account to pay the rent.  Yes, scraping money when you don't have them is like scraping the blackboard with your nails. It hurts so bad, I would say even heartbreak doesn't feel that painful. Lawyer said that we have to wait for 2 months according to the agreement for their part to mend the issue and thus we can't let go of the rental for fear that we had to go on with it. What mending? We want off. And maybe OFF WITH THEIR FRANCHISING HEADS!!!!!

Cellphone rang every day. I think until today, I am still paranoid every time I heard Muse's "Undisclosed Desire". It was my ringtone at the time specifically dedicated for the agent. And I had to scrape another RM1800, which was my pay for translation of the month - where I work every single day and even back at home on Saturdays and Sundays. I found another RM800 and beg my friends to try get the other RM1000 so that I can live peacefully for another week before agent attacks again. Got a letter from the franchisor. Was so scared they found a solution, but instead they deny all claims. Assholes.
Swee Wei called and told me how she missed going to Singapore with me now that I have resigned and start with my business. I told her the whole ordeal and she was so excited (yeah, you have to be cruel to be kind) because it means that I can do reviews again. Ex-editor called the next day and give me my old job back. At that precise moment I just wanna die.
Lawyer sent termination letter to franchisor. We had until late next month before it finalised.

Nad delivered a good news. Not THAT great because it was a news that she will borrow money from her dad to pay March's rental. Mun came up with the idea that we sell stuff from the kindergarten to pay for April's rental. Took pictures of stuff and then post it at Mudah. It was not mudah at all. Wordplay! I finally found the guts to call the owner and told them we had to stop renting. Found out that they are the kindest people you will ever meet, the Wongs and the Foos. They made everything easier with one condition - that they don't want to have anything to do in court. Hahaha. I made that promise. Signed sealed delivered.

Start to clean up the mess. Had to sell the doors and the fans to get extra money to pay for stuff. For mypart, a lot of papers and letters and phone calls with the bank I had to do in order to get rid of all this pieces of the horrifying puzzle. We finally signed off the deal. No more rentals.
Dinie called and wanted to have a karaoke session. And that was the start of another chapter.



Sheeda d' Erythromycin said...

kak...bile novel bru nak kluar..craving like crazy for ur story mory la kak..gambate!!

Anonymous said...

hye there,
june, july, aug~~~dec????