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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ode to Astro Max...

Work worn me down today.

It's my own fault. I knew I have to go to the office, but the night before I kept chatting with Mun and Masni, and then watch "How I Met Your Mother" and then make myself a burger and then read something about Pica Disorder and for all I know, it was 3am already.

Astro B'yond arrived today. We did not asked for it now did we actually want it. But apparently ASTRO wants to kill off Max now and change it all to B'yond.

Let me tell you one thing. I hate B'yond. I know they gave it to us for free, but then again, it's only changing decoder. We still don't have any of the HD shows. Of course, that isn't in the 'agreement'... you need to subscribe to it. Which means more money. Riiiight.... like I care. Don't you know I don't like 3D? Which means I don't share all the hoohahs of an HD tv.

I hate that they took Max away. I got lots of stuff recorded in there.

1. The whole season of HEROES
-I haven't watched it yet. Heroes is not the type of show you want to watch without giving full attention to.

2. One Last Dance
-I haven't found the movie anywhere, not from a legal DVD shop nor pirated version. It's my favourite movie of all time and now it's gone with the decoder.

3. 20th Century Boys
-I have the second and third movie on DVD but the first one is only available on my MAX record.

4. JuOn OVA 2
-I haven't had the chance to watch it yet because I only have time from 1-3am. Do you think I want to watch Saeki Kayako crawling from the stairs at that time?

5. My favourite How I Met Your MOther episode
- The one with Robin's Robin Sparkles second music video, "Sandcastles in the Sand".

6. El Cantante
-I have postponed watching that since June last year. It's my own fault for not watching it all this time.

The new decoder is stupid. It has more buttons to push and when you are so used to do everything by a push of a button, too many interfaces seems like stone age.

Astro Max, thank you for all of your assistance all these years. You will be missed...


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hEMoHemO87 said...

1. yeah..i wonder sometimes how people can watch dramas or movies w/out paying full attention.bcos if it's me,i'm paying 120%. let alone heroes,chuck,supernatural..they need full roomie always did that anyway..just let the movie play and then she goes all around..taking bath,laundry,dishes..when she comes back,tadaa..the on earth did she understand??geezz...

2. hell yeah..i love robin sparkles..haha..