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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Can Really Be Bitchy When You Do Not Want To Learn...

Nad told me something which I think funny.

Some girl was in a conflict of some sort (with herself apparently) for not being able to choose between buying a Coach or one other expensive brand of handbag. Upon being given loads of "great" advice by other girls on which one she should buy, she told them the  reason of the oh-so big...massive...GIGANTUOUS conflict.

"I have to think about it, as this is a kind of investment for me."


A woman buying loads of gold I can understand. You can resell gold. It IS an investment. A branded handbag? Are you THAT silly to follow the advise of Rebecca Bloomwood? Please, woman. Let me remind you that Becky Bloomwood is just a character created by Sophie Kinsella - a lesson to all women, not an idol of some sort.

I really do have issues when women do this kind of thinking that kinda make me understand why the men want to smack their head on the table. Here is 5 of things women should not say and then get all worked up when people call her dumb.

1. "A branded handbag is an investment."
No, a branded handbag is a handbag made by poor children in China with 20 yuan per bag, shipped to America, tagged with the biggest name in the fashion industry and sold to you back in Southeast Asia at the price of RM3000. Good luck telling Little Zhu Yi back in Shaoxing that you just bought something she beautifully sew for a hefty price but never thought about helping her get out from the shithole.  

2. "I have shoegasms."
I don't actually have issues if girls like shoes. I have issues being one of the poor people who got blacklisted for not being able to pay my loan when these girls also did not pay it and use the money to buy shoes. I wonder, why is it that we all don't pay our loans and the middle class society is the first one to get blacklisted? Hullo, the Prada girl has not been paying her dues since November 2007, please.

3. "Oh-em-gee...  I thought Canada was a part of Europe."
As much as you do not want to be an insufferable know-it-all, come on man... tell me how can I ever just let it go? She thinks Canada is a part of Europe! That is worst than thinking Turkey is an African country or that Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Yemen is a part of a made up region called "Arabia". Men may think it's cute and wanna be the heroic teacher, but I'm a woman. I can't tolerate it even if you give me a million bucks. Tits and ass don't work on me.

4. "Oh, I don't wear baju kelawar. I just wear neggle-giiii." 
Yeah, that really IS the correct pronunciation of négligée, being French word and all... which usually I would just let it go as it is not important, but when being laughed at for my choice of bk as a nightgown, it always seem to be a good retaliation for me just to call you dumb pretentious rich girl with a fake pronunciation.

5. "I just bought 3 shirts for RM100. Isn't that cheap?"
I just mum the word. I can't bear to tell the girl those Thai-made shirts she bought cost only RM10 at any kiosk in front of The Curve or pasar malam. If a girl thinks 3 shirts for RM100 is cheap, she does not deserve the information anyway.

And on another note. I always make that joke with my female friends, that every time we had to share a bed or crammed into a taxi, I will always say, "Don't try anything, I'm still a virgin."

This one girl was very offended, and it took me a while to understand that she just did it with his boyfriend.
Babe, if me saying I'm a virgin is offending you when you are no longer one, why did you do it anyway? Feeling offended of not being a virgin means you know what is right and what is wrong and that you felt like you have lost a part of your dignity with it. See, I always say, if you want to be stupid and give it to people so bad, you just have to suck it up. You seemed to think he's 'oh-so' special to just spread your legs willingly just because he bought you your favourite ice cream flavour, so... yes, SUCK IT UP.


Oh another thing.... don't you think firing someone during her pregnancy (meaning at a time when a woman is at most emotional, tired, needs energy for almost everything, heavy mood swings, vulnerable to the core) and then try to justify their evilness by offering to give her money till the day of her labor and then pretending to be all caring by telling her she should be with her baby is something only assholes would do?

Yeah, I thought so too.

It always reminds me of an act in Labor Law...

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