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Saturday, October 13, 2012

That VP cause I urge you to join...

First thing first. look at the picture below. Ask yourself, "Have I?" If your answer is "No", you still have a few days to do so. Not compulsory though, but would appreciate it if it is passed around. It is one of the causes that I believed in... not that I don't believe in any causes, just... VP sentiasa inform you what they did with the donation they get, through email. And usually they do tremendous jobs. I mean, I don't believe in those "Berhibur sambil beramal" or "Charity Events", those things where the event itself makan banyak duit yang tak perlu dibazirkan.

By the way, Seff inform me on Facebook yang dia baru tengok last year's SAFIYYA feature (yang ada aku dan Damya Hanna) kat TV Suria Singapore.

That's like being told, "Remember that time when you don't have fashion sense (as if I do now) and bloaty face, and you went on TV and you blurt out words like crazy, regret it and hoped that it will never be seen again? Yeah, it's in Singapore now."

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... ha... ha...


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