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Friday, June 26, 2015


Day two of extreme busy-ness (I don't even care to check the dictionary anymore).

Can't read Facebook newsfeed if I want to make sure that my pahala puasa tak kena deduct berpoint-point. Too many ridiculousness, all of them involving clothing. Evverybody is an ustaz on one side, and evverybody is a supposed defender of people's right to wear whatever they want, on the other.

Although... if there is one thing I can say about the whole 'proper clothes at government premise' is - it has ALWAYS been that way. Always. Sometimes the staff there tak kisah, and sometimes diorang kisah, but the whole proper attire policy has ALWAYS been there. Kenapa mesti nak jadi isu sekarang? What kind of ridiculousness is this?

Ikut je peraturan tak boleh ke? Kenapa mesti semua pun nak jadi some kind of issue remeh-temeh yang tak affect the country as a whole? Kalau boleh pakai seluar pendek atau tak pakai seluar pendek, tahap poverty kat Malaysia ni makin berkurangan ke? Can you take your hak berpakaian somewhere else instead?

Hey, I am not a fan of what is happening with the government too, but this is just crap. I prefer people paying their attention again back to 1MDB issue, plis.

Friggen ridiculous.

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