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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cats and Dogs

Salam Ramadhan y'all..... (dgn suara Britney Spears)

The first day of Ramadhan, aku terbangun lambat sikit. Biasanya mak masak lauk2, aku masak sayur2. Tapi sebab pukul lima baru terbangun, maka terberdosa la beta terhadap ibu yang kena masak sendiri.

Sebenarnya bleh je dia kejutkan bangun, tapi dia tak kejutkan, mungkin sebab aku duk buat translation sampai tiga skrip sepanjang hari semalam.

Today I came across the article about the dog meat festival, which will be held in Yulin - a prefecture in mainland China this weekend. Every year since I started writing entertainment news, I will come across this. And I just can't bear it.

I mean, yes, it may be a tradition, and yes, we have our own food culture, but how can you not feel a little bit of sympathy for the dogs? (recently they also started eating cats... and don't even let me go there. As a cat-lover whose house is always with cats since the day I was born, I can't even begin...).

But of course, every time we talk about it, there bound to be people going (*read it in a dumb voice) "Uhhhh... but people eat cows. Don't they have any regards for cows? So hypocrite...."... *rolleyes*.... Let's just not debate on that whole cows-have-feelings-too thing, because then you get some vegans going "animal torture!" and all that, I just don't have time for that anymore.

(Hey, I have nothing against vegan, my vegan friends are nice people. But there are people who like pointing fingers at you calling you a murderer for eating beef steak. And I hate those people)

All I can say is, we have animals that we eat, and animals we don't eat. Like plants as well. You eat certain kinds of plants, and there are plants that you know you shouldn't eat (if I eat my mum's orchids, know for a fact that I will be hospitalised.... maybe for upsetting my tummy, or maybe my mum beat me to death for destroying her precious orchids).

And speaking of living things.... vegetables are also alive. Just because they don't have eyes or don't scream when they're being plucked from the ground, doesn't mean that they're not a living thing. If we're not eating anything alive, we don't eat anything, okay? So, shut up already. I don't condone people eating pets. I don't condone people eating pest either, but if they want to get sick from rats-related disease, well, silakan menjamu selera.

I mean, yes, Muslims don't really have dogs as pets (and let's not go into detail about it as well... that's another ridiculous debate I don't want to be involved in), but I still think of them as pets for other people. And people love their dogs like family. Seeing people eating dogs is like, seeing people eat a family member. I mean, that's a dog. I would not even want to try to watch any videos where they eat cats.

I have three cats. I don't treat them like my children, but they're my source of joy. I mean, all cats are my source of joy - no matter what shapes and sizes they are. I can't even look at a cat without a leg without going "Oh my God, I want to cry".... let alone THIS.

So of course. It's a practise that has been going on for ages. But so was burning the wife with husband's corpse in India, but that has long been abolished. Why can't we abolish this as well?

Photo from
Dogs awaiting to be slaughtered


Alia said...

I can't bring myself to imagine someone eating dogs/cats. Those are companions, family members. Eating them is like eating one of your own kids ....eeeeeeeeek!

Shai Kamarudin said...

I was traumatised after looking at some of the pics. Allegedly, the more you torture them, the tastier the meat. People are insane.