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Saturday, June 20, 2015


People are too liberal nowadays.

People wanna go nude? Okay!
Dude wanna be dudette? Okay!
Dudette wanna be dude? Okay!
People bashing other people's belief? Okay!

Why? Because they're "free to do" what they want to do. They said.

As much as I don't want to judge people for their choices, I am also worried that people today as human beings are so distant from the word "Consequences" that they no longer understand it.

People nowadays don't understand that there're consequences to one's action. There is no longer balance in anything. When we were young, we were taught that whatever we do will have its consequences. Not just directly, but also indirectly. If you put your hand inside a snake hole, there is a possibility that you will be bitten by a snake. And that there is a possibility for that snake to leave the hole and bite someone else because you disturbed its slumber.

Nowadays, it's more like, "Oh my God, that snake is wrong. It should not bit her! She has every right to put her hand in that hole. Don't teach her not to put a hand in the hole, teach the snake not to bite."

No. It goes both ways. (Of course, actual snakes can't be taught...unless you're a snake charmer... and they sometimes got killed by snakes). As much as you have to teach A not to hurt, you should also teach others that what happens to B should be a lesson. B might be wrong, or B might just be an innocent victim, but what happened to B should be a lesson to others, whatever that lesson might be. And that lesson should not be "Do whatever you want, because we're free."

But of course, you should never said "Serves B right" for whatever happen. That's just cruelty.

All I am saying, as much as we would like people not to judge before knowing the whole story, we should also teach them every story has a lesson to learn, a reminder for the rest of us.

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