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Saturday, August 25, 2012

What matters most...

I don't know why would I blog when I have nothing whatsoever to say. Sometimes I just write them to make sure I can still write in English, although you can actually see from the grammar that I have no rules whatsoever in my writing.

Past participle my ass.

That's the thing. The only passion I have for this particular language is when I was a movie reviewer. WAS, in this sense is because my last press preview was in April and I don't think I would be able to do it again even if I got one. I realised that being critical about movies makes you an annoying company for people who just watch movies "just because". I mean, unless you too are the kind who yaps all day long about continuity and cinematography, watching movies with me is really not a fun experience. This is how I watch a movie.

A) Shut up. I paid RM10 not to listen to you yap about how you feel about the characters.
B) You laugh at that joke? That's just stereotypical. Of course a white guy trying to sound black will get his ass kicked. ("It's still funny!" my friend said). It's not. Your  laughing will make scriptwriters think they can use the same running jokes over and over again and they will become those lazy arses who kept writing formulaic storylines instead of trying to think outside the box.
C) Ugh, bad continuity. 
D) Stupid couple on row five. Make a baby or watch a movie. If you don't want to sacrifice your time for your baby and bring them to THE DARK KNIGHT where they can scream and cry all 120 minutes duration because you can't find a babysitter, you better cut your balls and eat them so that you will never have any babies ever again that will wail to his/her hearts content and may have hearing problems befire they hit puberty because their parents are stupid enough to take them to a DIGITAL DOLBY-filled room.
E) "Do you like the movie?" "It was so great!" "Do you like that movie, Shai?" "I can't believe Julia Roberts wanted to be in THAT piece of shit."
F) "Why aren't you eating, Shai?" "I still can't believe why the hell Julia Roberts wanted to be in THAT piece of shit!"

Anyways... where was I?
Oh yeah, I got no subject matter in hand to talk about. I am still working on AKN2. I asked around about what would be the best way to do it. Some wanted the whole story to just be about Safiah and Roul. Some wanted Iza and Helmi to be in it. I stressed myself trying to make the perfect blend. But then I realised that I will never be able to satisfy everybody, so why not I satisfy myself and write what I think I want to write? So with that thought, I continued on. I love my readers to death, but in the end the person who knows best about my writings would be me. With that thought, I continued my journey through trying to live a life.

Seriously. You would think winning a case would make you better off, eyh? Last month I didn;t have to pay zakat pendapatan at all. Because the expenses exceeds my whole July payment. By three Kardashians, if you catch my drift - what with the lawyer fee and all. People think being a novelist makes you a wealthy bastard. No. That's just Stephen King. 

My cousin is getting married this September. I am so relieved that I don't have to emcee her wedding because Lord knows I suck at emceeing. I'm glad she's tying the knot and whatnot (ha!), because there is this one old woman that have been hating my grandma since I can remember and us not married is just like her Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, you know. She celebrates the fact that my grandma is still great grandchildren-less (I dunno how to say that easier). 

Let me tell you about sikap iri hati orang melayu....

... I don't have to. Most of you must have your own version of the old woman. I don't really understand why one would have to spend their life hating people, talking about them behind their back and just wish bad things happen to them. I really don't. Yes, sometimes we do feel envious or we do have the tendency to feel jealous about other people's success, but we don't try to destroy them physically or emotionally. We don't stalk their lives and laugh at their failure and snigger at their happiness. We live our own life and make our own happiness. We let bygones be bygones no matter how hard it is, because in the end, what matters most is what Allah thinks.

And isn't that the goal in life?

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