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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things I like. Part 1.

Memes, motivational posters, words of wisdom, pretentious words of wisdom.

It seems that FB sekarang dipenuhi dengan semua tu. Some are inspirational, while others are just plain ridiculous. However, I have this "hobby", you might call it, where I save the ones that I love or I like. And Imma share it with you. Why? Because I have to keep this blog active or nuffnang ain't givin me any ads.

To some of you, it is just a simple message that "Looks deceives". For me, it's like a life motto. One day when I own a house, this will be hanged in my library in a beautiful silver frame.

Because if you wanna work freelance, this is the correct formula. I vouch for it.

I think the person who made this is the coolest person on earth. Rather than a long explanation of things inside a book, the picture conclude altogether the things you have to do in Hajj. And for someone who has never been there, like yours truly, this picture tells it all.

I made this as my wallpaper just so I can remember it. I mean, Copy paste mende nih dan jadikan wallpaper laptop... 

Kali pertama aku baca, aku gelak. Sebab aku jumpa mende ni kat 9Gag pada waktu aku betul-betul decide to let bygones be bygones and let all the shitheads in my life just go on living their life. If they want to disturb mine, let them. Disturbin mine, means theirs sucks. And I dun give a. Although mentioning it now seems a bit spiteful, ainnit? ahaha

True yo.

To others, this is King dissing TWILIGHT. To me, it is King telling people the difference between starting a trend and following trends.

Right on. And that is why sometimes certain people's ideas on Facebook about governance makes you go, "Really? Five years tertiary education, a semester on critical thinking and this is your take?"

I laughed not because it's funny. But because, sad to say, this is not just "Asians according to Americans". I mean, ignorance is a global pandemic. In high school, some of my peers thought that  Canada is in Europe. Pre-millenium facepalm!

I no longer need this on my wallpaper since it is already embedded in my head. Which is good, sebab sekarang aku boleh beritahu orang, putting this as your laptop's wallpaper memang sangat berkesan. You're not gonna forget it.

Again, aku sangat berterima kasih kepada orang yang buat benda ni sebab aku selalu confuse dengan tanda berhenti ni semua. Aku tak sure sama ada subjek PAQ dulu tak ajar benda ni, atau ko kena masuk kelas KAQ dengan Ustaz Ghazali untuk belajar benda ni, ataupun memang ada dalam chapter PAQ tapi aku tido. Everybody sleeps in my school.

A bit spiteful, but it made my day anyway. Hahaha.

Again, only plain janes that have to listen to their pretty friends' (or frienemies') same-topic whine would understand this. But girls do it all the time - talking about some guy's compliments continuously, I mean. I think I may have done it on one occasion, although I doubt it, since 80% of the men I knew usually treats me  like I'm some kind of sarcasm machine, spewing ironic sentences for their enjoyment. Last time aircond aku rosak, you would think they would help you, kan? Nope. Diorang gelak and say "Campak jela dalam longkang." Those assholes.

This is partly because the pic is pretty and because it kinda answers my question about my constant waking up in the middle of the night.

This is the truest shit I ever found on the net. I can't say which one is truer, because everything above memang betul.

Cik Fad tag aku pada gambar ni. Aku try jadikan wallpaper, tapi seriously, no avengers can make me write when I dun feel like it.

Adakah ini memang kata2 hikmat Salahudin Al-Ayubi? Aku malas nak research betul2. Nowadays orang ramai sangat buat benda ni sampaikan ada masanya diorang main letak je apa diorang jumpa kat internet tu, sampaikan hadis dhaif pun sampaikan kat orang. Bahaya betul. Tapi kalau yang ni tak kisahlah betul atau tak... the important thing is apa yang disampaikan.

Yes. Thank you. Somebody has the guts to give golongan ini nama yang sesuai. Mintak nasihat tu satu hal. Tak nak ikut tu satu hal la, sebab decision kau adalah decision kau. Cumanya, bila kau dah pilih decision kau tu dan it turns out to be the wrong one, toksah datang balik kat aku dan mintak nasihat percuma dari aku cara untuk betulkan balik. Didn't I tell you NOT TO in the first place? 

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