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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Women of Today

Women of today are supernatural, I tell you.

They work by day, they take care of their kids and husband. Then they make macaroons on weekends, sew shoes for their kids, have hobbies in arts and crafts, build online businesses, exercise so not to lose to slimmer women, learn how to bake stuff with french names, continue their studies, learn beading, design tudungs, open stalls selling creative collectibles...............................................

The more I meet the women of today, the more proud I am of their achievements.

And the more scared I am to be female. Seriously. I feel useless with what little knowledge I have about being a perfect woman. It's like I'm back to the Regency Era where women must have "the eloquence with the pianoforte, extensive readings, knowledge of the arts whilst having the ability to enchant men with their gentle female whims...".... while I act like the scullery maid with Cockney accent.

Thank God I can use "I'm a novelist" as an excuse not to achieve such heights. I'm a novelist. I need my messy miserable artsy fartsy 18th CE peasant look.....

.......alasan pemalas.

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