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Friday, February 11, 2011

It's been a hard day's night...

Demi menunjukkan tahap busy aku, aku post the same entry in all blogs.

Busy week it was since last Saturday.

Finishing the last of my work for the week before that. Tidur pukul 4 pagi. Disebabkan minggu lepas Kong Hey Fat Choy dan HBO tak mainkan original series diorang, aku tak dapat my dose of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and boy how me cranky...

Mak masih membebel about the whole interview with SAFIYYA, worrying because our house looks like a shipwreck. The problem is, mum's too uptight about it when it is actually fine. She has to learn to laugh at herself. That's how I see it. I'm still single at 28 - haha. I live in a crappy home - haha. My life sucks so bad, it's an enigma - haha. See? We don't need to be all positive and say everything's gonna be fine or that there is beauty in everything. We don't need to be positive. All we need is a sense of humour. So I went to the backroom, get a box and start filling it up with all the junks that is thrown all around the house, And it's not JUNK junk. It's more like stuff people don't throw away - like origamis my sister made two years before or a piece from a shattered robot toy. Just, you know... stuff.

The boss called and said that the TV network has yet to update the software for subtitling so I didn't need to go to the office. All I need to do is go to her house and pick some work. Mun called and said she's bored and ajak makan ice cream at the same time I said yes to finish a rush job my boss gave me to be finished before 6pm. Mun had to wait for me to finish it before we went to Alam Sentral - buying stuff from Nagoya, buying tudung from the pushcarts, and makan aiskrim at the Steamboat restaurant or whatever the name was. Malam tu siapkan kerja lagi - a whole lot of sinetron. Then remembered it's my editor's birthday tomorrow and sent an SMS. Slept like a log.

Hantar my review to CO then finish another episode of SAFA DAN MARWAH. I seriously think there is something wrong with the scriptwriter. I mean, what's with the whole old woman chasing after a young girl and beg her for forgiveness by hugging her from the back or standing in the rain, saying things like "Ibu gak boleh hidup tanpa kamu."... even that lesbian movie THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT weren't THAT gay. Ludicrous.

Try to finish two sinetron episodes at one go, while at the same time cleaning up the house. I had to cancel a lot of plans and rejected a few calls because I just can't be bothered. Pinat asked me to go to a press preview on Thursday - and it's an Anthony Hopkins movie. God dammit, I want to but of all the things I can do, canceling a TV show is not one of them. Went to buy groceries that night, watch HANTU KAK LIMAH BALIK RUMAH, then bake a cake. I seriously need a new oven. My oven is busted.

Getting ready for the interview. Had a quirky interesting time seeing how the whole interview works. Part of the shoot is in the house, part at Dataran Shah Alam, part kedai buku section 7. It will be shown on SAFIYYA TV9 in March, as Kak Farah said. Will inform the actual date when informed meself. (Funny thing though, they ask me to do this one scene where I pretend I am doing my work on the laptop, and instead I ACTUALLY do my work while they're filming. I finish a chapter at that. If you see that clip on the show later on, do note that I was ACTUALLY working, not acting like I was).
Then after the show, I fell asleep on the couch like I have never slept before. The one who was worse than me was dad - he slept all the way to oblivion. Later that day, Pinat nudge me again on YM and asked me to go to the press preview for the movie SANCTUM on Friday. I said yes faster than you can spell SANCTUM (I needed to get out from Shah Alam, and the only way to do that without wasting money is if I have a job to do OUTSIDE Shah Alam). Malam pi beli lambchop to celebrate the end of an era (aku saja2 guna ayat macam best)

I nearly did not wake up to go to my press preview. But I did anyway, and arrived there at 10am. I didn't think it was THAT long from the press preview I did before, but that coffee place at South Court of Mid Valley? THE DOME? Yeah, suddenly it turned into ESPRIT.......................... so weird. Went home as soon as the movie ends, write the review and here we are, finally updating the blogs after some time. I still have some sinetron episodes I need to finish but for now, I just want to sleep.

*terminology: for you out there that are new to my blog, PRESS PREVIEW is when a movie is shown to a bunch of media people (or a freelance movie reviewer like yours truly) before it is released nationwide, so that we can tell you people if you should go and watch that movie or not. Usually I will update my reviews on that top right corner of my blog (on the RELATED NEWS section).


Miss CJ said...

Woh, aku tatau ko nak masuk tv. apesal ko x bitau aku/ aku sanggup pura2 jadik sepupu kau ke or manager kau ke?


Shai Kamarudin said...

hahahaha. aku pon cam rushing gile macam2 keje dtg bertimpa, takleh nak berpiker. aku cringe je memikirkan org tgk betapa miserable-nya rupe aku kat TV nanti............ haih

cik angah lee said...

gille bz ngalahkan PM weih!!!

okeh..aku akan nntikan muka ko di kaca tiwi nnti!
sila bgtau bile kuar!

nape takmo ajak aku temankan ko??(ayat nak tumpang glemer gak!) ;p

Sheeda Minhaj said...

nanti bgtau bile episode yg akak nak kuar tv tu..nak tengok nanti!