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Friday, March 15, 2013

The very many faces of Phibun

If you're a constant reader of my blog, you would know that I used to have a blue-eyed Snowshoe buddy (tak beli, his mum was a local typical cat... must've had a Snowshoe dad, I guess) called Phibun. It had been with me since 2008, one of the worst years of my life and had been the most loyal (not so much as 'loyal'... more like co-dependent) thing ever. I took care of it since it was just a teeny tiny little tot. It died last year on this day due to jaundice. I never mentioned him ever again after his death, 'cause I thought talking about him makes me sad. It still makes me sad, even today.

You think, "Come on now. It's just a cat."

But to tell you the truth, this sarcastic-looking thing has been with me through the thickest of the thins. Was there when I broke down circa 2009-2010 and was there when I picked up the pieces in 2011. One day I hope I will get to see him again. Insha-Allah :)

In memory of Phibun Songkram August 2008 - 15 March 2012


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