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Saturday, January 19, 2013

If my life was a musical (tajuk tak actually menunjukkan isi kandungan sebenar)

Aku suka musical. If only the world is like a musical, where you sometimes burst into a song and dance while  you change your clothes, I would be perfectly happy.

*Nurul Syahida sebenarnya kadang2 burst into a song whenever she likes and dance while changing her clothes, so, that's not really an "if only" thing for her...*

Tapi tak semua musical drama aku suka tengok. Aku tak berminat dengan FOOTLOOSE atau WEST SIDE STORY atau HAIRSPRAY... in short, anything that reminds me of John Travolta. I like musicals for the fact that you are blending music with acting, and suddenly songs that doesn't make sense, makes more sense.

Having said that, I hate GLEE. I used to love GLEE, but then five episodes into the first season, I hated it. I have never loved something and then hate it THAT fast. But that's GLEE for you. It's either you hate it, or you love it, or you love it but then hate it in the end.

Actually, aku tak ada apa2 sebab untuk buat entry ni. Cuma aku agak bosan dan letih menengok kerja dan manuskrip, dan I just want to share some of the songs that I liked, until I can get the confirmation bila novel nak keluar.

"Loving that Man of Mine", from SHOW BOAT (1936)

"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I gotta love one man till I die, can't help loving that man of mine."

"Singin' in the Rain", SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952)

While Frank Sinatra is a singing dancing elite, Gene Kelly is like a singing dancing marhaen/working class. And nobody else has THAT kind of graceful legs!

"How Lovely to be a Woman", "BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963)

Bukanlah aku suka sangat lagu ni. Agak membebel. Tapi this is how you sing while changing clothes, if you ask me. Ahahaha.

"I Could have Danced All Night", MY FAIR LADY (1964)

Because it's Audrey Hepburn. And it's the easiest song to sing ever. You can have the worst voice in the world, and you still can sing this and be satisfied with your voice.

"On the Street Where You Live", MY FAIR LADY (1964)

Aku sangat sukakan lagu ni (especially versi studio Nat King Cole) sampai aku jadikannya an important part dalam cerita WULAN, yang bakal dikeluarkan dalam novel trio NS, Zara Amani dan Liza Nur April ini!... kot!..... (iklan, tapi tak sure)

"Something Good", SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)

Apart from all the dances, aku lebih suka lagu ni sebab it was the only mature song dan showcase a great combination antara suara Julie Andrews yang lunak dengan suara Christopher Plummer yang kelelakian.

"Why Don't you Do Right?", WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?" (1998)

I don't think WFRR is considered a musical.... but heck, sape peduli. This is such a cool song.

"We Both Reached for the Gun", CHICAGO (2002)

Ramai yang suka "Cell Block Tango"... I wonder why... but I still think this is the best song and best presentation - with Billy Flynn holding on to a Roxie puppet and the other marionettes, signifying how he is controlling everything and everybody in the situation. Dan Renee Zellwegger adalah sangat meyakinkan sebagai puppet.

"Falling Slowly", ONCE (2006)

Aku tak puas hati YouTube takde the actual clip from the movie, sebab the raw version was better than the original soundtrack. I loved it for the fact that Glen and Marketa sing it together in a music shop with a piano on sale. That was the best thing about the song.

Oh, and I despise every other cover there is. This is strictly Glen Hansard song and should only be sang with that voice.... with the exception of Yusuf Islam, cuz they sound the same.

"Hey Jude", ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (2007)

How can you not love "Hey Jude"? Jude in a form of Jim Sturgess? Amazing.

"Winner Takes it All", MAMMA MIA (2008)

Aku rasa lagu ni macam terpisah daripada the whole movie, tapi sebab Meryl Streep yang nyanyi, it's okay then. And I am biased about this song anyway...

"Rainbow Connection", THE MUPPETS (2011)

Rainbow Connection is a classic. It makes you feel good about life and a nice song to sing baby to sleep. Ahahah.

"In My Life/A Heart Full of Love", LES MISERABLES (2012)

Sebelum tengok Les Miserables, I used to love "On my Own" and "Confrontation", tapi lepas tengok the movie, I fell in love with the mix between the two songs, with Coset and Marius falling in love, while Eponine, who was in love with Marius had to step away. It was a perfect "lovers-friendzonee" song.

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