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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Would I Lie To You vs Betul ke Bohong

Here's my favourite British show - the one where I will rain wrath on anybody who say they hate it


And this is its Malaysian version. The difference being the electric shock and the question asked by viewers.

My opinion?

Of course the Brits version is much more elegant and... well... Brrrrrritish (as Charlie Sheen would put it). And of course David Mitchell's deadpan humour is one of a kind. I guess if the Malaysian stars can be less talkative and ask more questions before answering, I would love it. At least you know Jep and Shuib are kinda really calm, NOT the kind of loud mouth who tries too hard to impress, like those stars on "Kata Kau". I can't stand that show - bising, tak kelakar dan poyo.

You can't really compare, though. Or maybe I can but I just don't want to because I am biased when it comes to Jep Sepah. Ahahahaha.

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