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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Julie Andrews sings, "These are a few of my favourite men..."

I never liked handsome guys.

Handsome in this sense, is the type where you go "Sigh....... you handsome handsome man you..." The type like Brad Pitt, or Orlando Bloom post LOTR, Jimmy Shanley, Aaron Aziz, the English dude who was listening to Nik Aziz' Friday sermon that I saw in a photograph posted by the admin in Nik Aziz' facebook.

Or at least, something equivalent to that.
Because that's not love. That's lust. Okay, I love Leonardo DiCaprio but then again, I never loved him when he was that dreamy Jack Dawson-kind with Nick Carter's hair. I liked him when he was the miserable Frank Abagnale Jr. - the time when I realised that this dude is not just some pretty face cashing in on the pretty-face money. He's actually serious about acting, and the environment, and tigers.......

.... not so much keen about the women in his life, but tigers, hell yeah.

Liam Neeson, Bront Palarae, chubby "30 Rock" Matt Damon, Jep Sepah, Alan Rickman, David Mitchell, Glen Hansard, red-haired G-Dragon, Jay Chou (only Jay Chou in 2006 when he rocks the beard look. Other than that, nehhh), Giring Nidji, Sofi Jikan. These are the men that are interesting in my eyes. It's that 'je ne sais quois' they exude.

To tell you the truth, that is the type that inspire me to write. The type you don't actually turned your head to have a second look. It's the type of guys that kind of influenced your head little by little like some kind of drug. You don't really know what it is, but that person is influencing your every move. It's the type where one day, as you talk to them, you realised that their eyes lit up when they laugh or they have a little mole under their lips or that they kinda make sense in the weirdest way possible but it's positively endearing and then you go, "Oh shit, now I see something interesting. Now I am attracted. No! This can't be happening! This is ridiculous!"

So yeah, you will not get a good-looking rich dude in my novel (except for Zaniel, because I was proving a point in PLAIN JANE). I don't go to those kind of "wealthy playground". I don't dwell with the rich bachelors. I meet normal average guys with mamak-tea belly that is extremely not gentleman towards you, calling you "makcik" and laugh at your problems instead of solving them, yet they are there for you to talk to when you're feeling down and treat you to an iced tea while screaming "Fuck off, Lampard!" at the big mamak TV screen. Those are your staple malay men. I can't write a highly-romanticised character. I can't write your usual Korean men staples - the type who cries with you, do everything for you, fight for you, looking like Park Yoo-chun and have the wealth of Lee Ka Sing (again, I am making this reference because I watched too many Stephen Chow's movies since I can read, not because I know the guy). Because I never met these type of guys.

Bear with me and let's make sense of what we have around us, yeah? There are more guys that looked like Zahid AF and Khir Rahman than Fahrin Ahmad in Malaysia anyway.


Aliesha Kirana said...

suka suka suka! so damn true kak shai! hehehe. insyaAllah, nak cuba jadi novelis yg berpijak di bumi yg nyata mcm kak shai jugak. nk kurangkan cerita org2 kaya, padahal saya org miskin. kah3.

Love you Kak Shai!

Aliesha Kirana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That is why I love to read your novel over and over again. :D

Shika Mariesoosay said...

awesome write-up..! 1000likes yo!

Shai Kamarudin said...

Aliesha - takpe, tu doa tu. ahahaha

anon - thanks ^^. hey, ru the same anon for some of the other comments too? :P

shika - 1000 thanks yo!