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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm back with my old job.

Listening to relationship issues, I mean. I guess I got my license back after a year's worth of hiatus (license to listen to relationship issues... Hah! That's like giving Dr House his medical license back - "I'm damaging you to get you better!"). After all, what have I not experienced heard?

Upon listening to a friend's issue on how to forget someone, I have given her an advice that I think is good enough to be shared with the world (and in 'world', I mean heartbroken chicas everywhere). This is how it goes,

"Miss S (yeah, I lied, nobody calls me that but hey, a girl can dream, eyh?), how can I forget him? I am so used to the guy. He is a routine. We sms each other, we talk to each other often, we go everywhere together, we share things and email stuff that we like to each other. Losing him is like losing a part of myself. If I kept trying to call him, that would make me look desperate!"

Dear Miss (put your name here and gimme a holla if you are facing the same thing with what I wrote up there),
Yes, to lose a routine is such a hassle. After all, you have build a life around this dude. And forcing yourself to forget someone is really hard and often incomprehensible. Because you want to. I want to forget that just today I ate a lot of macaroni that I feel bloated. I can't forget that now, can I? Not after pushing myself to. Let alone trying to stop doing stuff that you are so used to and enjoyed doing so.

So here's an idea.

It's called procrastination. Think about it tomorrow (hey, that's my blog title!). We are really good at procrastinating, aren't we? We put the PRO in procrastinate. In fact, we procrastinate in all walks of life... except for number 2 in the toilet. You can't procrastinate shit, so to speak.

Every time you felt like seeing the guy, procrastinate!
Every time you felt like calling him, procrastinate!
Every time you saw something and wanted to share it with him, procrastinate!

Example, "Hey, the new Tom Clancy book is out. Wanker Joe always wanted to read this, I better tell him!" (get your phone out and start smsing).
WRONG! The correct way is, "Hey, the new Tom Clancy book is out. Wanker Joe always wanted to read this....." (get phone out) "Hmm, I can just tell him tomorrow." (put phone back in the bag)

And the next day, you can think the same thing, that you can do that tomorrow. As creatures of procrastination, this shouldn't be difficult. It's like you're telling that you are not trying to force your heart to forget him, it's just that you WILL tell him, just not today. It's like lying to yourself. And the sweet thing about procrastination is, in the end you always forgot and it's always too late to do it anyway.

Practice. Things that are gone stays gone. If you have jodoh, then things will go right. But no point trying to do the what-if things, although sometimes it is fun to do. You can't force yourself to want something and hate something and you can't pretend to forget something. But one thing you can do, you can procrastinate.

"Yeah." says I.
"How did you come up with that?"
"You really want me to answer that? Aku kan novelis."

(I always have time to advertise my book!)

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