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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ode to WH

Every girl in this world has their own dream wedding.

I don't (yeah, it scares me too how I still do not have any visions of a wedding gown no matter how hard I try).

But I will tell you what I have though. I have a dream director! (Yes, by now I guess you would realise that this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with marriages. Gotcha!).

I dunno. I always have this idea that if I ever wrote a script, I want to have Wan Hasliza as the director. I mean, she's like the balance between the two world, you know, the middle class structure crapolas (like lawak2 sengal warung and kedai mamak that I don't think people like Bernard Chauly would fathom), and the urban youth (which none of the other directors can fathom).

The first ever script of hers that I love was for the drama "Kalis Cinta" - which is the Malaysian take on "Taming of the Shrew", with Catriona Ross as Katrina and Ady Putra as Petruchio (or here known as Inspektor Borhan - Mun and I still talk about that character in loving memory. Haha). It was witty in a way that no other dramas have.

Then I started to follow "Dunia Baru", "Geng Surau", "Rosli Dhobi", "Lima" and even "Teh Susu Kurang Gula". The only movie of hers I haven't got the chance to see was "Hooperz" - the netball movie, because I was too busy at that time it was shown in cinemas.

I mean, in "Teh Susu Kurang Gula" for example, it was a simple story of the mundane-ness (is that even a word?) of a marriage after a year when the stay-at-home wife can't seem to have other topics in life than the discussion of what she's going to cook (which reminds me of dear mum). It is so simple with no over-the-top plotline, and yet so true. And I absolutely adore the makan durian after terawikh scene.

I love "Rosli Dhobi" because it is patriotic in a sense that it isn't that kind of in-your-face preachy drama (*cough*Hati Malaya*cough*). Also because I subtitled it in English for ASTRO Citra. Hahahaha.

And especially in "Geng Surau", I was laughing so hard when one of the girl character kinda slap her friend's buttock as she gets up from bed to spy at the window because that is soooo typical of what we girls all do. It's the littlest things that other director left behind, that they think is unimportant and yet shapes the reality of a situation or a scene. She does it with flying colours.

And who would not chuckle when the kids in "Lima" fought with each other going "Kalau kau tak bodoh, cuba eja BODOH."

So yes, I love Wan Hasliza Wan Zainudin.

And I think you should too. (I am pretty good at forcing people. Hahaha)

1 comment:

hEMoHemO87 said...

Yeah..couldn't agree more with u..wan hasliza is absolutely one of the greater director these days..
Rosli dhobi?it's superb..
geng surau?that is hilarious!!
dunia baru?well..wat can i say..a new dimension of malay dramas..

*i really love your writing style..couldn't wait for your next bout emma?

Err...aa oo uu!