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Sunday, November 18, 2012

You can't do this to me, Google!

Sorry for the weird wormy thingy on the last entry. It's not a worm. I was just trying to (amateurly) verify my blog on Webmaster Tools and that stupid thing said "Upload it to your blog"....

Upload it on what???

But then I was finally able to do so (by googling, since blogger doesn't help at all). I don't know if - like me -you guys can't open my blog and was blocked with a warning from Google saying that the blog may be harmed with malware from emmagem. The problem is I never even went to emmagem, upload anything from it or know what the hell emmagem is.

So I checked on Webmaster tool and it said the blog is safe. I tried with Google Safebrowsing and it said the blog is safe. Heck, I even scanned it with Sucuri and it said the blog is safe. Yet, the stupid warning is still out. So all I'm saying is that the blog is safe. It's just Google being overly protective.

Then I found out, even my Template page on Blogger has been blocked. Now, I can't check that with sucuri or webmaster tool or Google safebrowsing, since that is Blogger's responsibility. So I will wait until Blogger is responsible enough to clean out their own closet.

I still can't remove the warning thingy and I am sick of reading every single piece of advice and how-to out there. So, I will just wait until Google decides to stop blocking my path to my own blog.

Ya hear me, Googly?


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