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Friday, May 11, 2012

Regarding the reason why I don't have that kind of dream...

I was reading a friend's FB status (because a lifeless body pretending to be human such as myself have no other means of communication other than FB), and she was thinking about buying a practical ride versus a cool head-turning bike.

Then I realised something. All this while, I never had any "dream car" or "dream ride". Yes, I once wanted to buy a Mini Cooper, but I guess that was just wishful thinking because I just watched THE ITALIAN JOB at the time. I think subliminally, I actually wanted Mark Wahlberg, not the car he was driving in the flick. And the car's back seat is so sempit, it's ridiculous. Then I wanted a Kelisa. That was also because it reminded me of local version of Mini Cooper, or subliminally, I was just hoping that I would meet a local version of Mark Wahlberg....... which is like finding a sexy needle in a haystack filled with mamak-tea drinking Malay men.

And yes. I have no dream ride. Maybe that is because I don't have a driver's license and will someday die of a heart attack while trying to hit the 999 button alone in a house filled with books (in my mind it sounded like the death of a hot librarian. In yours, that is just sad). But more than that, my friend Dinie once told me that before she got her Mitsu Lancer, she changed her laptop wallpaper to a picture of the car in order to remind herself that she will work hard to be able to buy the car. While she was saying that, I didn't picture any car model to be my laptop wallpaper. 

I was imagining a picture of Keira Knightley in a Regency dress, walking across a large field with one big tree near the end.

Yes, I was thinking of THIS picture!

I love walking. I'm a walker (not in THE WALKING DEAD zombies kind of way). I have no issues whatsoever with walking because that's the best way for you to muhasabah diri and observe your surroundings. The issue is that I was born in this panas-dan-lembap-sepanjang-tahun climate (to quote grography text book) and walking equals to misery. One moment you are all sweaty from the hot sun, and before you know it, you're all wet from the rain. You can never walk comfortable without thinking that you should bring your umbrella with you but every time you remembered bringing the extra baggage to your already full handbag, there was no rain and the sun was not as hot. Every day is a "will it or won't it" mystery even worse than waiting for a marriage proposal. I love my country in that less-bencana-alam kind of way. But the climate is not tailored for someone who loves nature such as myself. I guess, I should just move to FRIM, or Janda Baik, or Genting Highlands....... no, not Genting Highlands. That's like moving to mini Las Vegas.

So yes, in a way, I don't have my own transportation dream (that sounds so governmental). I guess the mode of transportation of my choice, if given any, is walking - with a book in hand - in a Regency dress - on a warm breezy morning - in the heart of Hertfordshire - at the turn of 19th century. THAT of course will never be realised. Because other people might only need a lot of cash to buy their dream ride. But, I have to find a time-travelling machine to get to that certain time and era, and turn myself into a white British Lady (not just a lady, but a "lady of the house", or I will end up turning into their scullery maid. And that's not pretty).

Yes. A time-travelling machine, like Doc Brown's DeLorean in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Maybe that should be my dream car.

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