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Saturday, February 11, 2012

And that is why I say "Who?" when you say "Infinite"

Okay, so here's the deal. I won't judge people who love K-Pop and all the shit (mind you, I refer everything as 'shit', be it good or bad, so lest we judge, eyh...) as everyone is entitled to their opinion (as long as the opinion got nothing to do with the fate of the world), but here's the deal on why I am not jumping on the bandwagon.

This was a music video of N'Sync in late 90s. It was the same sound, same type of choreography and same feel with most of your recent K-Pop videos (a lil bit of creative play with stuff, a bit of studio dancing time, a lil bit of overdramatic acting and hey, there you go, a music video of a boyband). In those days, I was just a teenager. But no, I was not a fan of the pop music then neither.

Do you think, at 29, I would give a damn to the same sound I had to listen to on every single radio station when I was 16? Where is that development of maturity there, if I should love something that I have learned to dislike when I was a precocious mind?

So no. Writing Korean gossip news is a job. Not more than a job. Apart from watching anything with Yoo Jae-suk in it (that does not constitute the "Hallyu Wave" whatsoever... I just think the dude is hillarious) and "Gag Concert" (which I watch because it's a comedy show with hits and misses), those are the only things that will link me to anything Korean. So, please. Unless you can discuss Lee Jun-ho's comedy or why Park Chan-wook is a genius director, please save me from all your Hallyu talk.

Or maybe you can do it like my bosses. They pay me to write about Korean stars. Pay me, and I will listen to all your K-Pop yapping.

**NSK merupakan perempuan leceh dan pretentious yang hanya dengar lagu2 singer-songwriter sebab dia rasa orang yang tak boleh buat lagu sendiri tak layak panggil diri diorang anak seni.

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