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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Workaholic sama messed up macam Alcoholic, cuma we don't drink benda haram dan unlike Alcoholic, we end up getting money, not wasting them.

Aku bekerja macam nak mati.

Mun kata this whole working frenzy is kind of worrying. It's as if one has choose to work not for the money but for the work. I know of such person - my uncle. He used to say that "24 hours is not enough for a day" and I used to laugh hearing that.

But now I guess it rings true.

I have taken a job with CO that I am not sure how to wing it, but somehow I can never not take a job. Then I thought, maybe I should stop doing translation work for at least a week to familiarise myself with my own pace in doing that particular job. But instead, my boss called and offered me to do the whole SAFA DAN MARWAH for June. SAFA DAN MARWAH for me is a bonus job. Yes, it eats my soul little by little with the dumbness of its plot, but still, it's easy money. I don't even need a dictionary for that one. The whole Safa Marwah in June is like, I don't know.... 35 1-hour episodes? The only bane is that when I do SAFA DAN MARWAH, I have little patience for everything else. What it means is that:

i. I don't care about people on YM. And if they force me to talk to them, I will snap.
ii. Anything mum say at the moment goes in and out like a fart-wind.
iii. I get mad when people use the advice "You should go out once in a while."
iv. My state of emotional being is really high. If one even say trivial things like "Oh my God, my husband is so annoying." I will answer, "Woi babi, kalau ada husband boleh bersyukur tak? Jangan jadikan nikmat kemudahan sebagai satu kesengsaraan." Beware of my SAFA DAN MARWAH mood.
v. I will have issues with people talking about expensive stuff and how they don't have enough money to buy them. Kalau tak ada duit jangan beli. Jangan nak mengada2 lepas tu bila tak ada duit nak beli keperluan, nak bising kat orang lain. Menyampah nak dengar tau tak? ME-NYAM-PAH...... oh my, belum lagi aku start buat SAFA DAN MARWAH, mood SAFA DAN MARWAH aku dah muncul.

So of course I said yes and I will do it... yela, aku kan "BERTUAH" sebab tak ada expenses nak dibayar kononnya.... BERTUAH betul aku ni. Alhamdulillah, aku belum kufur nikmat yang Allah bagi lagi. Masih lagi boleh hidup sekalipun aku kerja setiap hari tanpa berhenti.

But anyways, this is just a heads up. June is not a good month to be "mengadu dekat Shai" thing. I know, I kept saying April will be busy month, May will be better, but then I got busier in May, and then I said "May is so busy, maybe June will be better" and June is packed with stuff. I am sorry. Let me just put it like this.

I work with four different companies altogether. I have four different bosses that have four different approach towards how I work and four different time lapses in giving me answers I need even when I need it urgently. I also have a new venture I am getting myself into with this whole strawberry chocolate business. So that makes it five. Two of the companies where I work doesn't give me one type of work. It varies. Another company is subjective - as I may work for them or for another company that does the same thing like they do or do both at the same time.   So how many work I do in a week? Godzilla-many. That's how many.

Even Bill Gates will be proud. I work like those Chinamen in the era of Mao Zedong. Like a Mexican immigrant. Like those masons building the pyramid.  

Oh, I also have Pesta Buku Selangor in June. So......

*Watching Jalan-jalan Cari Makan right now. Qi Razali really doesn't know how to express taste.

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Hi - I am really happy to find this. Good job!