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Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff and all the hoohahs

A week of no posts. Might be common to others but not for me.

Life updates:

1. Been doing loads of translations and news
- At first I thought that doing 5 gossip news would be a walk in the park. But then I realised that Koreans don't actually have a lot of scandal. They get married, they involve themselves in relationships, but not much sex scandals, different from let's say, Hong Kong artistes. THEM you see loads of scandals. But interestingly enough, two suicides in one week. That's gloomy.

2. I just can't be bothered with people
I also can't be bothered with blogging but then if I don't, that is like not living at all. I think my social conversation with a friend last week is when Mun came to the house to deliver crumbles for Kak Shana. I ditched karaoke for work. You know I never ditch karaoke for anything.

3. I went to Kak Shana's house to deliver her crumbles and pie
Met her three kids - Wifaq, Rihab and Nehal. Those kids are clever beyond words. At 4 years old, Ipak reads encyclopaedia and enunciating words like 'garisan khatulistiwa' with such ease. Unlike any other kids, they just play with random stuff like a cut-out ABC stickers and make em creative toys.  I 'flew' Rihab and then evveryone of them wanted to fly. By the time I got home, my arms hurts for flying them all (Wifaq goes "nak tiga! Nak tiga!" meaning nak terbang sekali tiga orang), and my jaw hurts for laughing too much.

4. We celebrated birthdays on Saturday
May is the month of birthdays for paklong, maklong, pakkak, makkak and makdik, dila, among the few. Paklong said we should celebrate with Obama too. Huhu. It started with nasi lemak, to desserts, to the gigantuous chocolate pecan cake, to grilled steaks... Uwan brought rendang daging pelanduk and my cousins brought their partners. Nana's boyfriend was so surprised at seeing us all communicate. Coming from a very quiet family, he can't fathom the fact that we are a loud bunch. Significantly speaking, our family is like an Italian family. We eat and have a loud voice.

Ok, that's enough. Get back to work.

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