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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sherlock Shai Deducts!

I post it here because my other blog is having it's 'period'. 

Had the most violent headache.

It's the weather, I tell you. It looks normal from the inside. But when you get out of the cold bus, it hits you with the weirdest air of damp hotness, it gets to your head like a plague.

I tried on the new cotton blood red shawl today. As I was standing at the stop, waiting for the feeder bus, when a girl came near me and asked me how to go to Pusat Bandar Damansara. I looked at her and she went, "Oh! I mean, are you a malay? Do you speak it?"

I laugh and said I do in my most cikai-melayu way. Man... I knew that shawl will only make me look as if I'm a girl from the land of hennas and itsmids.

Life is about investigations nowadays.

I investigated the emergency staircase in Mid Valley and realise that no I have to re-do the whole plot of my novel. Which is really annoying come to think about it. All this while I was thinking of stairs and actually it was Sunway Pyramid's!

Last week, Mun and I was investigating the SMS that I got. And if you think it's petty stuff like 'spying what your boyfriend does behind your back', teeet, wrong answer.

Remember the kindy? Them stupid people once gave us a list of potential customers to call. I look through it and realised that my name is on it. I asked them, "Where did you get this list, because all hell freezes over before I ever called a kindergarten." I don't have a kid nor have I heard about them before the whole shenanigans. They never answered me. That was the first time I realised these people are another bunch of fake aunties and their oh-so fake dreams of educating children.

I mean, what is the first thing you should teach your kid? "Don't lie." And ironically, here's the foundation of every single deceit.

So when they sent me an SMS and invite me to their Open Day, I knew that they haven't renew the list, and my name is still on it. They never knew my number. And they think that I am another 'potential customer', eager to send my 'invisible' kid to a place that are not insured.

So Mun and I went to the place to check if there IS a kindergarten as mentioned. Sure enough, they went and open it at the same place we had to close it. Funnily enough, when they pushed us to get two lots (and we had to pay RM3600 every month for that shit), they only use one lot. Which goes to show, they are sooo not getting the authority's permission. You see, if you open a kindergarten in a shoplot, you have to have two lots to ensure that there is a solid emergency staircase. They don't have it, and I can just hear their justification for that, for they are the people of excuses - which once said, "There was no license in the Prophet's time."

That's because he was the one who will set the ground rule, moron. Yeah, I came from a religious background too, I know my sirah nabawiyyah too. Oh, and I also came from the bitchy side of the literature world, so I have the permission to cuss your ass up and down, in perfect Queen's English too, you tactless incomprehensive fools.  

Anyway (*betulkan rambut sambil tarik nafas panjang2*), my third investigation was the longest one, and it took me 3 weeks, interrogating 5 different people, and suspects from 4 different venues.

I was introduced to this thing called IP Blocker. Shouldn't have too many difficulties to know what it is from the name itself.

After being stalked twice, it kinda messes with my head and every time I check my tracker, I will get this paranoia about other stalkers. Yes, I can just assume friends checking up on things and all that, but well... blame the previous stalkers for making me feel uncomfortable about writing in my blog.

But after three weeks of finding out, I decided to just stop trying. It's a blog for goodness sake, people bound to read it. It IS meant to be read. I just have to make sure I do not write outrageous stuff anymore. But please do not make this a place for you to spy about my relationship. I never write about relationships here. I only write things when it's over or when it did not work out. So whether I am still single, in the process of knowing someone or in a relationship, in here, in my blog, I am always the girl tutting about "Where all the good guys gone?"

SMSing with Swee Wei today. Girl is looking for new avenues. I am so grateful I did not listen to her and her "Oh, don't resign now, let's resign together." Yeah, like 2 years later. If I did, I think agaknya baru tahun depan aku publish "AKN".

Asked her if she would like the MAHB job. She would have to suit up though. And she gave the S-face. Hahahahaha (yeah, I knew we're not a bunch of suit up girls).

Oh yeah, actually I went to Mid Valley today to watch Potter preview. Read all about it.

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