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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Freestylin your Writing

The biggest condition to be a writer is:

To not worry about grammar.

The moment you worry about grammar, you are not going to write anything. But at the same time, always practice with it.

I never care about my grammar when it comes to blogwriting. It's tedious. When you start to worry about it, you tend to worry about everything else in this world and then you start to turn into a pedant and annoy everybody.

It took me a year to reduce my pedantic nature and try to not be an insufferable know-it-all. It's good to know and to share your knowledge. It's not good to start share too much that people go, "Sheesh, live a life!" My problem starts when I start to become this insufferable know-it-all - because when you don't know one thing, you start to feel dumb. Then you feel the world around you dumb and then you feel lonely. And you start to find intelligent people to be around and the next thing you know, you're doing it again - being arrogant with your knowledge.

I knew this one guy who is sooo doped up about his greatness, that he annoys the whole lot of us. And i really feel sorry for him because he has wrap himself around the idea that he is intelligent, succesful, with a beautiful wife and has a great life when people around him only think, "There he goes again with his Alice in Wonderland life."

What the hell is my point again?

Oh yes, writing.

Someone asked me how can I still be blogging, have two of them while I busied myself with subtitling and writing. Don't I get bored doing it?

Do I? Of course I'm bored. But I don't talk as much as I write so I always have something to say in writing. If you keep yapping all the time, you will not like writing at all. It's either you move your mouth or your hand........................ damn it sounds dirty.

And anyways, you can never be too systematic with writing. I never liked writing courses. I don't like writing courses as much as Jackyn Victor hates singing classes. The moment you have a system, you are computerised to do things. I like being a hippie. I like being "an enigma wrapped in taco" as Sam Winchester would put it. I like pop culture references, stand up comedies and dry humour. And it becomes my number one basis in writing.

See how unsystematic I write from the example given above?

So yes, the first and foremost, don't you ever give a damn about grammar. But learn while you write. Learning is a slow process. You can't open a dictionary all the time, you're gonna get bored and stop what you're doing.

Be free. Like a Glen Hansard's song.

Be water, my friend (*stealing line from Bruce Lee*)

P.S. : Yesterday Mun and I thought of watching ESTET but they only have night shows. Cinemas are stupid.


nad said...

masuk blog aku..hahaha u'll laugh shy :p

Shai Kamarudin said...

hahaha, dah masuk dah!! ^O^