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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Killing Me

I'm lying on my side - spacin out...
these thoughts, they stay on replay (they won't fade)
The looks. The words. The fights.
(Is this worth it?)
It's not worth it

I never knew that it would turn out this bad
I never knew words be so wrong
I never knew that trouble had a face
so cut the chase already cuz I missed us
                                                  and I missed me...
                                                          (I missed me)

Sometimes, life just won't give in
Some days, time just keeps on running (keeps running from me)
Take deep breaths now
             deep breaths now
             deep breaths now...
(My head pressed on your left shoulder)

I never knew that it would turn out this sad
I never knew words be so breakable - so brittle...
I never knew that word could stain and I can't erase it
                                                                                  I can't erase it

.......good intentions
Just good intentions for me
Save some good. intentions.
.........some good intentions for me

***Hahaha, okay, fine... main cheating letak lirik lagu instead of actually blogging. It's "Killing Me" by Liyana Fizi and the reason why I put it in that way (with bold, italic, spaces and stuff) is because for me - without music - that is how I would read the lyrics and feel the song. And that's how it became poetry.

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