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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ah~ Gintama suki desu~ \(^o^)/

We love it when Choi Min-ho is home.

Choi Min-ho is a nick I gave to my youngest bro, Ajik. No, he's not in any way resemble the SHINee member. Yes, he got that nickname because he's too skinny and athletic.

It's not much about him being home, it's just that his laptop is filled with "GINTAMA" and we are suckers for that animation. Gintama is the mouleitou of all animes, anything and everything goes and sometimes it doesn't make any sense at all. And they love spoofing too, which makes it even funnier. It kinda ask the question of "What if the Edo Period was invaded by aliens?" and so the story revolves around that premise, and shown from the viewpoint of one samurai named Gintoki.

It's just ridiculous all way around, and it has every kinds of comedy - from meta humour, spoofs (they love spoofing from "Bleach" to "Naruto", "Dragonball" to "Death Note" to even "Slumdog Millionaire"), perverse jokes (like the ROFL "Tower of Babel" episode), slapsticks, cliches, dark humour, you name it, they have it.

I thought Ranma 1/2 rawked my world, but apparently there's Gintama!!!!


One thing though, I just don't understand why the hell anybody would want to cosplay Gintoki anyway? I always think cosplay is a really idiotic thing, and Gintoki is a weirdo anyway. He may look cool, but he's just a weirdo. And for someone to cosplay that is just.... dude, you're not just a weirdo, you're creeping me out.

One of my favourite episode where they make fun of anime character cliches!

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