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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Orang selalu salah antara sarcasm and sindiran melayu. They think it's the same, and you say, "I'm sarcastic" when the fact is that it's just sindiran melayu and vice versa. But don't you worry. Auntie Shai here, who comes from the beautiful race of very perli-friendly Minangkabauians and picked up snarkiness and sarcastic behaviour after facing too many rejections in her life will help you differentiate it so that you will come to love your own race and our art of hurting people. Hahahaha.

1. Sarcasm is dry humour. Sindiran melayu is a straight up hurting people who hurts you.
It is always fun to listen to sarcasm. It's a word play and needs intelligence about the world to be able to use it.
SARCASM : "I can totally dance!"... "Yeah right, and North Korea can totally survive on her own."
But sindiran melayu wants to hurt and block you from whatever it is you are aspiring.
SINDIRAN MELAYU: "Aku boleh menarilah!"... "Menari tu menari jugak, tapi kalau dah tua tu, ingat2la sikit, pinggang tu memang tak reput langsung kan...?"

2. Sarcasm comes with a monotonous expression or a smirk. Sindiran melayu comes with a sweet smile.
Sarcasm is associated  with a smirk or the "Pfft" sound and not much expression on the face. It usually signify the "I-can't-believe-you-ever-think-that" feeling you have inside.
SARCASM : "Hey, do you know that Ali's son is a lawyer now?"... "Wow..... I so care about that....... pfft."
Sindiran melayu is just belittling people and telling them subtlely that whatever it is, you are not good enough for it.
SINDIRAN MELAYU : "Eh tau tak anak si Ali tu dah jadi lawyer?"... "Ya? (smile) Tak kisahlah jadi apa pun, kebarangkalian dia kahwin dengan kau masih kurang jugak kan?"

3. Sarcasm comes with a monotonous tone. Sindiran melayu comes with a singsong voice.
Sarcasm denotes the snarky "I-don't care" and the "Nigga, please.." attitude, hence the nonchalant monotonous sound.
SARCASM : "I talked to the girl and I think she really likes me."... "This bores me."
Sindiran melayu denotes the class stratification between the receiver and the person they are talking about.
SINDIRAN MELAYU : "Aku cakap dengan pompuan tu, aku rasa dia suka aku la."... "Orang perempuan memang suka bercakap. Tapi kalau die tangok motor buruk kau tu, mesti lagi dia teringggginnnnnnn sangat nak bercakap dengan kau lagi kan?"

4. Sarcasm has an urban touch to it. Sindiran melayu is the kampung art.
SARCASM : "She said that she doesn't like you."... "Whatev." 
SINDIRAN MELAYU: "Dia kata dia tak suka engkau."... "Ya, memang dia je yang paling disukai ramai kat sini kan?"

5. Sarcasm meant to make you shut up. Sindiran melayu wants to pick a fight.
SARCASM: "That dude is so hot!"... "I bet he loves a woman who can shut it."
SINDIRAN MELAYU : "Kacaknya mamat tuuuu..."... "Tak payahlah. Tengok jela lelaki yang sama tahap dengan kita, ye?"

6. Sarcasm is a trend. Sindiran melayu is a culture.
Sarcasm is something you follow and pick up from befriending any urban crowd or watching too many US TV shows. But sindiran melayu is imbedded in every single malays no matter of they say they're urban enough not to do it. But they tend to do it without realising it and then call it sarcasm. No it's not. It's sindiran melayu. It's in your blood. Embraceeee it. (see, THAT is sarcasm).

7. Sarcasm starts with a long silence and a snort. Sindiran always end with a question mark.
SARCASM : "I think I need to stop smoking before it ruins my lung."... "......................... Wow. Never heard that one before. Pfft."
SINDIRAN MELAYU : "Aku rasa aku kena berhenti merokok sebelum paru-paru aku rosak." ..."Eh, tak payahla, ko memang kuat nak terus merokok sampai beratus pam. Paru-paru ko tu paru-paru besi kan???"


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Good Afternoon

Can I link to this post please?

amri said...

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Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

shai said...

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shai said...

hahahahaha. oh yeah