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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

New Book, Who Dat?

Hi guys...

It's been a while. Life has been hectic. Things have been awry. Dad is currently warded for skin condition due to his chronic kidney disease. It has been tough. We couldn't get financial assistance from Lembaga Zakat, and I had to pay for his dialysis.

That is until I found out that my job has been cut, which means I can't even afford that. We'll talk about that later.

What I am trying to share today is...

I have a new book. Or more correctly, I have an ebook. 


I decided to try my hands on ebooking after all. I will share more on why I decided to write an ebook, why I decided to use the name Shai Kamarudin instead of Nurul Syahida, and how I did it, but for now, this is all I can share (because I am currently taking care of my dad at the hospital, and it is seriously difficult for me to type things with such bad internet, and I am still reeling from the fact that I am partly jobless right now). I am going to promote the book for now. It's in dual language, mind you. Maksudnya, satu cerita, tapi ada dua versi dengan pengakhiran berbeza. Dua2 versi dalam satu buku, so no need to buy two books and whatnot.

Cerita tentang DUA insan, dalam DWIbahasa, dan DUA pengakhiran berbeza.

Ini kisah Mie & You. Mereka bermula sebagai lawan, sebelum menjadi kawan. Kemudian seorang jatuh cinta, tapi seorang lagi pula "buta". Bila seorang memilih untuk pergi, apa akan berlaku pada yang satu lagi? 

Here's the story of Mie & You; former foes turned friends. What happens when one falls in love, and the other is too clueless to notice? And when one chooses to leave, will the other find their way back to where it used to be? And will the pandemic change things? 

This is the story of TWO people, in DUAL languages, and DOUBLE endings.

You can buy it HERE (or click on the above photo of the cover) at just RM16

Or just go to the app store, search for e-sentral app, download it for free, and buy it from there (you still need to read it using the app anyway). And if you download the app, you are also entitled to several free books from e-sentral themselves, so there is no losses there.

I will talk to you soon! 

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