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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Things I Like Part 3

Yay, it's time for THINGS I LIKE PART 3!!! (Is it Part 3? Or Part 4? I can't remember).

Aku terbaca comic strip ni dalam newsfeed, someone tagged my reader. Kadang-kadang kebaikan accepting a lot of people in FB is seeing things on your newsfeed. Ada yang bangang (macam orang yang amik gambar selaput keputihan untuk buktikan keberkesanan jamu diorang.... stop it. You're not a health clinic. They are the only ones who are permitted to show anything vagina related). This is of course, a commentary on the Israel-Gaza/Palestine conflict.

They should also make a poster on We need to teach our SONS that it doesn't matter how hard you try, some women are just not worth your time. So stop wasting your parents money on gifts to her.

You will only understand this if you're a fan of 30 ROCK. This is Liz Lemon's Points System for her boyfriend Criss (last name Cross). Cracks me up all the time.

True that! In Malaysia, the many reasons for people needing bantuan AKPK adalah kerana hutang kereta. Tapi the actual meaning of this poster is that, negara yang maju mempunyai perancangan bandar yang baik, perkhidmatan awam yang berteknologi (yg also affordable) dan penduduknya tidak perlu bekerja jauh disebabkan tidak mampu beli rumah berdekatan dengan tempat kerja mereka. 

This what started my annoyance towards people's undying obsession with Gangnam Style and the fact that people kept trying to be funny on 9Gag. Kids now think that they don't have to study and just try humour. Kids, a piece of advice. Comedy is not for everyone. 

Suddenly aku teringat tentang something yang unrelatable. I read this one famous girl blogger's writing, yang kata kita tak patut bandingkan negara kita dengan negara maju sebab diorang bayar cukai lebih banyak. Are you that dumb, kiddo? You think taxes is the only source of a state's revenue? Haven't you heard the unwritten rule that if you can't raise the tax, raise other things? Finish your studies first, then you can write dumb opinions.

This is actually what I do... especially kat Seoul Garden. Why especially Seoul Garden? Sebab we add more plates and bowls to our table and usually make a hell of a mess with our made-up recipes and experiments. I think if we try these small things, in another part of our life, someone else will ease our life too.
(*maafkan jela ejaan restaurant yang salah tu. Not a big deal.*)

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